Dropshipping Business – One More Way to Monetize Your Blog

How to monetize your WordPress blog with dropshipping

If blogging is a significant part of your life, I guess you already know some methods to make money on it. Today I’m going to tell you about dropshipping – one more effective way of getting profit from your blog.     

What is dropshipping?

Nowadays dropshipping is an extremely popular business model. It doesn’t take much time, money or efforts, but makes a good profit.

In a nutshell, dropshipping allows you to sell goods without buying them in advance, renting large warehouses and hiring employees. All orders are fulfilled and shipped directly from suppliers to final consumers. Your role is in operating a store and making money by marking up basic prices.

To run a dropshipping business you need an e-commerce online store, which can be made on a WordPress blog.

Why start a dropshipping store on your blog?

A blog is a great point of departure for your dropshipping business.

If you run a WordPress blog, you have some overwhelming advantages over other people starting a dropshipping business from scratch:

  • Great knowledge of the thematic area;
  • A loyal audience of subscribers;
  • Understanding what content is interesting to your readers;
  • Technical experience of managing WordPress websites.  

Frankly speaking, having this knowledge, you are halfway to a highly demanded webstore.

So don’t waste your time! Start your own dropshipping business.   

How to actually start a dropshipping business?

Step 1 – Find a niche

A niche is a set of products you’re going to sell.

Finding a niche will be much easier, if your blog is related to one specific sphere. If it’s about cats, you can sell cat themed accessories, for example. However, if you write about everything and anything, choosing a niche will be mostly a tough thing.

Any niche should meet the following criteria:

  • you have extensive knowledge of the area;
  • you can create lots of posts on the chosen theme;
  • it’s closely related to the topics of your existing blog;
  • there is a great number of items related to the niche.

Make a list of the niches, check their potential with regard to SEO and choose the most profitable one.

Step 2 – Analyze your target audience

You are a blogger and have a general idea about your readers. You know what they like and what type of news or articles they prefer. Read the comments and do some surveys in order to learn more about your subscribers and work with them more effectively.

Step 3 – Pick the items

Select the best dropshipping products.

Generally, there are many platforms to find the goods for dropshipping on. The most popular among them are AliExpress, Amazon and eBay. In order not to make any mistakes when choosing products, pay attention to the most important product parameters:

  • Product description;
  • Product photos;
  • Customer reviews;
  • Product rating;
  • The number of orders.

If descriptions or photos are of low quality, you’d better avoid them. Read customer reviews and look at the product rating to find the most preferable goods for your dropshipping store.

Step 4 – Create a store

It isn’t necessary to create a new domain name for your e-commerce store. It’s enough to add a subdomain to your WordPress blog’s domain name. It will make the store more recognizable and trustworthy.

In fact, your dropshipping store is about ready to use. The last step is setting up a special dropshipping plugin on your WordPress website, which will automatically add chosen products, track orders and keep you up to date. The plugin is a great solution to run a dropshipping business with ease.

Step 5 – Promote your store

After creating a dropshipping store, you need to promote it. The best promotion tools are:

  • Blog announcements;
  • Writing product reviews;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Using social media.      

Use your blog to tell the readers about a new store opening. Write something about the products: products’ pros and cons, latest releases, benefits from their regular use, etc.

Make posts (and reposts) in social media. Use every opportunity to increase attention to your blog and your new dropshipping store.

It is always a good idea to look at the top stores in your niche for inspiration. For instance, if you’re into shopify dropshipping, then you should always know the top shopify dropshipping stores in your niche and beyond, for inspiration. The easiest way to get this information is from ecommerce tools and more specifically dropshipping tools, such as SaleSource, which is a tool designed to help e-commerce businesses grow faster and more securely via the use of things like competitor comparisons, trend evaluations and product analyses.

Well, now you’ve understood the process of creating a dropshipping store on your WordPress blog, so it’s time for action. Many people use dropshipping business as a great way to get good passive income. Maybe you give it a try too?


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