Equipment You Need for Your New Salon

Salons are a special place for many women in the United States and worldwide. According to DailyMail, women spend about a month of their lives in salons. This can translate into 53 minutes spent washing, blow-drying, and styling their hair every week. As a salon owner, this can be enough reason for you to invest in your salon’s design and the right tools to guarantee comfort. Here’s a list of the equipment you need for your new space.

Chairs & Tables



Your salon’s furniture choices, from your manicure table to pedicure chairs, can significantly impact each client’s experience. The type of furniture you opt for in your new space can result in a negative review, so it helps to take time to consider your options.

Be sure to have sturdy furniture in places where your customers can lie down comfortably while you wax or massage them. Several beauty couch options exist on the market today, and you can even find electric beds with full massage functions. Choose couches with varying comfort-enhancing features, which can be adjusted to the distinct needs of your customers.

Also, when designing your space, it’s a good idea to use one tone for all your chair colors. Theming your furniture around different tones of the same color can bring uniformity to the space. If you must mix colors, note that the colors you use can determine customers’ moods. Inform your experts about which set of secondary and base colors to mix for your look. Interior designers are well versed in color therapy and can help you zero in on the right colors to complement your salon’s design.

Monitors & Screens

Beauty and hair treatments can take a lot of time, and if customers are going to be waiting long hours for their turn, you’ll need to entertain them throughout their stay in your space. Having a TV in place is a good entertainment option. Depending on the size of your salon, one monitor screen may not suffice. If buying fresh-out-of-the-box screens from major brands is too hard to deal with, you can opt for refurbished computer monitors, which offer great savings.

You may also need to check essential display features to keep your customers glued. First, check for the LCD screen size and ensure your screens have wide display features. It also helps to check the screen’s build and retina display capabilities.

Hair & Beauty Tools



Every salon needs the right tools, and depending on the type of salon business you’re operating, quality tools are vital. For example, hair salons require quality blow-dryers and steamers, which should keep hair in good condition. Steamers use warm steam to hydrate thirsty hair strands and open up shaft cuticles to let in moisture. What’s more, the moist heat from steamers can also encourage blood flow to and from the scalp, which makes steamers vital tools for all hair types. When purchasing these tools, it helps to research thoroughly before weighing in on your options, as there are hundreds of available products and brands with various specifications.

Waste Bins

Many salon procedures (be it for hair or beauty) lead to a lot of waste, and you may not have enough time to tidy up thoroughly before switching to new clients. Therefore, having easy access to waste bins during each session can be beneficial. Placing waste bins at vantage points for your customers is also standard to ensure good sanitation.

If your salon seeks to be an all-around beauty provider, getting all the appropriate tools is vital. When purchasing equipment for your new salon, it pays to also focus on the essentials that can guarantee a clean and healthy salon for your customers.

Rylie Holt