Five Steps Towards Creating An Inviting Home Office

Many people work from home these days. There are countless advantages to that. However, ensuring you have a suitable area in which to work is vital. The majority of the time, you will probably be working alone. Do take into account that sometimes, a customer or two may need to visit. For this reason, it is essential to create an inviting home office. Continue reading for five steps to help you to succeed at doing this.

1. Blank canvas

First of all, ensure you have a blank canvas. Don’t be tempted to cover the walls with busy wallpaper or paint them a shocking pink. Choose a fairly neutral color. Avoid white though, as this can look far too clinical, making people feel uncomfortable. Warm and welcoming is probably what you are aiming for. If you already have a decent blank canvas, check that there are no significant scuffs on any of the paintwork and that is does not look grubby. If this is the case, grab your paint brush and give it a freshen up.

2. Furniture

Finding the right furniture to ensure you are as productive as possible, but to also make guests to your office feel welcome, can be tricky. We advise a desk which rises and falls; this will allow you to stretch your legs and avoid remaining in one position for too long. In addition, be sure to invest in some seating for those people who will be visiting you. Don’t be tempted to buy something in chrome. This material is a nightmare for fingerprints and, therefore, always looks dirty, potentially putting off your clients.

3. Layout

The layout of your home office is intrinsic to your productivity. If you have your back to the window, it is likely that sunlight will reflect off your screen, causing you to squint or sit in an awkward position. If a client visits and they are facing the blinding light, that would also pose a problem. Try a few different layouts before settling on a final one.

4. Focal point

Having a focal point can provide an ice breaker if you have a shy customer or even if there is an awkward conversation to be had. We adore these indoor fountains from Soothing Company. Not only do they look stunning, but they are also an excellent way to calm down a situation that might be becoming fraught. Who can be angry when they hear the relaxing sound of trickling water? Alternatively, you may wish to choose a stunning indoor plant or piece of art to hang on the wall.

5. Paperwork

Finally, we recommend investing in something to ensure your paperwork is not sprawled all over your desk and on the tops of other items of furniture. Not only does this give off an air of disorganization, but it also makes people feel uneasy about the possibility of their personal information being accessible to all. Knowing that paperwork is locked away can be make or break for some potential clients.

Rylie Holt