From Advertising To Content

Find the most effective way to capture the attention of people never has ceased to be a challenge every day for professionals in marketing and advertising as a world in constant change never cease to emerge new needs , tastes and desires among the people . 

To give a good understanding to the subject, we will remember what advertising consists of and that is that this is a message paid for by companies that is disseminated by different means in which it can reach people.

In another context to the advertising we have the concept of content which is much more than a message because the content is information with arguments useful is and relevant s that is generated on a particular good or service that reveals the vitality of its use, versatility of uses, uniqueness of the product, its importance , etc. 

If there is something vital that we must know is that people do not want advertising they occupy content so content should be an option in your small, medium, large company, personal blog, professional blog , commercial pages , transmission channels or whatever your virtual communication medium . Since digital markets are human conversations that must be engaged in a professional and assertive way, so whatever your digital site is, it is not about publishing by publishing the resource of a virtual communication medium, it must be used efficiently with publications with content. immersed. 

If you wonder what type of publications you can mix with content for your digital medium, we will give you some examples below:

  • Posts of various types .
  • Persuasive and attractive images.
  • Digital spots .
  • Helpful arguments are specific, clear, and from confidential sources. 
  • Professional Notes.
  • Scientific data.
  • Informative infographics.
  • Music. 
  • Testimonial evidence. 
  • Stories. 

Now, if you have a digital medium, you should work on turning it into a relevant site for users, try to find good strategies to capture their attention ; On the web, the competition is wide, this we can every time we search for something in specific, we find between thousands and millions of sites on the subject and what will make the difference between your site and the competition will be the professionalism with which it is administered. . 

In fact there are recent studies on consumers that have yielded data on the high percentage of people in the world who hate advertising because of this, there are platforms like Net fl ix where you see your favorite series without ads, platforms like You Tube where they offer you pay a Premium subscription so as not to interrupt you with ads, another example of many is the option that Spotify offers you to pay Premium to listen to music without interruptions , this opportunity is used by companies as a plus for users that satisfies ad evasion. 

Against this background, marketing has transformed advertising into something else by mixing it with content for the following reasons: digital platforms such as internet pages, social networks, mobile apps , internet channels, digital magazines, blogs are not only used for entertainment or because we find a simple hobby unoccupied , we would say, the truth is that the internet is currently used as a means of researching information, searching for references, a tool for obtaining ideas on how to create something, a means of learning.

 However, the digital marketing professional will be the ideal partner for your business to succeed in creating that content perfect fit pair to your business and target marketing raised because this should be developed according to the characteristics of segmentation , needs or desires of the market that you direct, leaving the responsibility for this to the art and talent of the marketing specialist you hire for it. 

Rylie Holt