Here’s Why Personalized Pencils Are Worth It

In this day and age, handing out custom pencils embossed with your company name and logo can seem kind of…quaint. We’re well into the 21st century — does anyone even use pencils anymore?

Sure they do, and while shiny, new digital marketing technologies certainly have their place in your campaigns, nothing can beat some old fashioned promotional products. The history of promotional products in the United States goes all the way back to the origins of our country, when enterprising businessmen created promotional buttons to commemorate the very first presidential inauguration. Today, promotional products continue to be an effective way to spread the word about your products and services, and useful items like pencils and pens are at the top of most people’s lists of coveted promotional products.

Spread Your Message Far and Wide

One reason why promotional products are such effective marketing tools is because customers often use these products over and over, and each time they do, they’re reminded of your brand message. Not only does the customer using the product get a dose of your brand message each time they use your custom promotional product, but anyone else who happens to see them using the item also gets made a little more aware of your brand.

The most effective promotional products are, therefore, the type that customers carry around with them, because these products can spread your brand messaging outside of customers’ homes or offices and out in the community. Personalized pencils are a promotional product that customers will easily keep in a tote, handbag, backpack, or glove box, because who doesn’t sometimes need access to a writing implement? Customers might take your custom pencils to work or school, too, which can spread your messaging even further as colleagues see your customer using the pencils.

And most people don’t throw away promotional products when they’re done using them, either. Sixty-three percent of American customers, and 64 percent of Canadian customers, will give away a promotional item after they’re done using it. That means your brand messaging could end up in front of a whole new audience even after your intended audience is no longer seeing it.

Stay Strong in Customers’ Memories

Another reason why promotional products are such a valuable source of brand messaging is that people tend to remember the brands that have given them free gifts. Everyone loves getting something for free, after all, and if the free gift is particularly nice, customers will remember your brand that much more fondly. Nine out of ten customers will remember the brand messaging present on a promotional product they’ve received, and it probably goes without saying that remembering a brand exists is a prerequisite for buying products from that brand. When it comes to print, mobile, and online advertising, only two out of ten customers will remember any brand messaging they saw, while only three out of ten remember brand messaging from broadcast marketing. 

With those numbers, it’s obvious that you’ll get more out of your marketing budget if you invest at least some of it in promotional products. Because writing implements are useful to everyone, branded pencils or pens are always a solid choice. That’s why many small businesses, bank branches, and even doctor’s offices keep a jar of branded pencils for customers to take home.

Nurture Feelings of Goodwill Among Customers

Today’s customers engage more deeply with their favorite brands than ever before in the history of marketing, and they expect more from their favorite brands as a result. They expect a two-way exchange in which the brand encourages them to have better experiences and gives them something in return for their business. 

So, people are more likely to harbor favorable feelings about your brand if they feel like they’re getting rewarded for their loyalty. You’d be surprised at just how many warm, fuzzy feelings a really nice custom embossed pencil can generate in a customer. Eighty-three percent of customers say they’re more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional gift from that brand. For important customers and clients, order personalized pencils with the customer’s name to really solidify that relationship.

When it comes to effective marketing strategies, you still can’t beat the staying power of a strong promotional product. Custom pencils are a good choice because they fall into the category of useful promotional items that people will keep, use for years, and potentially pass on to someone else someday, when they’re done with them. Promotional pencils are an investment — and one that’s well worth making.

Rylie Holt