Home Improvements for Your Old House

Home improvement is a wonderful way to increase your home’s worth. If you’re unsure what to do with your new, old house to make it better, then read on to find out what you should do and things that you should never do.

Pocket Doors

When your home includes pocket doors, they contain something that you should keep in the house. They represent a time period and are a rare thing to find in homes. Most home improvements in older homes had them, removed them. That’s how they became so rare.


These almost always need renovation. This is one home repair on an old home that needs tender care. The wood stairs of the older times need oil to keep up their ability to last for years to come. If the home is old enough, you might even need to replace some of the stair’s structures. Always keep the original grandeur of the hallway and stairs. The old homes were amazing. Most of the woodwork was an original piece of art.

Stained Glass Windows

This part of your home improvement is important. These old windows are also rare and need maintenance to keep them looking perfect for the future. If they need replacement, you will need to go dig to find them. Antique shops are a great place, although old abandoned homes are another gold mine to check out. Treasure your stained-glass windows.


Once you know the value of your home’s unique and rare features, you’ll need some paint to brighten it up. It makes the home feel like it’s new again. Carefully consider the colors. Historically, certain colors were not available. If you want to have a modern home structurally, but keep it authentic to the time period of the home, then some research must happen. Find out which colors to use, then select one to re-create the home in all its glory.

Crown Molding

This almost always needs a repair in old homes. If you want a great home improvement project for your treasured piece of history, then add some crown molding to the rooms. In many old homes, they might already exist. If that’s the case, then replace them and don’t forget to paint them. Some older homes might even have tin ceilings that add to the appeal. Again, preserve and improve.


This project is something you may need a professional to help you with. Your part is the design of the changes. Make improvements to the lighting by adding atmospheric lighting. Things like flickering lights in the electric holders make it look old, but brand new. Make sure your home’s wiring is safe. A licensed electrician must do that for you.


If you have one of those Antebellum homes that have huge windows from floor to ceiling, you’ll want some privacy without blocking out light. Add wooden shutters to enhance the look. It can even let a breeze in on warmer days. The design of those homes was to have a good flow of breeze through them.

Some Points to Consider

  1. Never modernize an old home into a modern tech look. This is one of the travesties of the modern age. People have lost so much history to these renovations, which honestly, won’t hold value over the years.
  2. Augment with home improvement projects.
  3. Take your time. Your home will be there for years if you live in it. Many people who buy an old home do so and renovate it for years to come.
  4. Find replicas of old appliances. It’s one of the coolest home improvement projects. When you’re done, the kitchen looks authentic but acts modern. You can have all the conveniences too.

All these home improvements are a fun project that adds value to your home. Historic preservation is a passion for many people who buy these old houses. Nothing feels better than completing a project that makes your home look like it did back when it was new. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and create a house that you can pass down through the generations. Just remember to leave those pocket doors. They’re valuable and handy when the company comes over.

Rylie Holt