How long does vape juice last

New vapers are more curious to learn more about vaping. Their queries commonly include vaping devices, e-liquids, and the best level of nicotine. A question is asked a few often that how long vaping juices remain in good condition. In this post, we are going to explain all queries regarding e-liquid expiration, storing process, and disposal method in detail. Let’s explore the rest.

What is vape juice?

The major difference between an e-cigarette and a traditional cigarette is the component insides. You consume vape instead of smoke while using an e-cigarette. Vape juice, also known as e-liquid is a particular liquid used for vaping. Vape juice is used in a vaporizer in place of tobacco. The juice is available in various food-grade flavors. One of the big advantages of using vaping liquid is the oversight of a user’s nicotine level, which is impossible in traditional cigarettes. You can buy vape juice with your desired nicotine level and use it in a recommender quantity. Vaping juices are made of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin that are mostly nicotine free.

How long does vape juice last?

Too many people ask this question when they try vape juice for the first time. Does vape juice have an expiration date? The answer is yes. You should not use vape juice after a certain period of time. vape juice expiration is almost the same as food expiration. The manufacturer sets an estimated time to have the same juice quality after purchase. In general, most e-liquid gets expired between 1 to 2 years. The primary component of vaping juice, including nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol have the same life spans. They even get broken down early due to direct sunlight and overheating. 

Initial changes in expired vaping juice

The manufacturer will print the expiration date on the information label so that a user can be cautious. When vaping juice gets expired, you will notice some initial changes in the juice. The most common one is the loss of flavor. You may also notice the discoloration of the liquid. The nicotine level also can drop. Vaping an expired e-liquid is not a good idea. It also won’t provide your desired satisfaction.  

How to store e-liquid

Though e-liquid remains good for a long while, ignorance of proper storing can damage the quality even earlier. If you are a regular vaper, you should know the proper way of storing vaping juice. The interesting fact is, the storing process is the same as storing regular medicine. Keep them in the dark and cool place where sunlight does not reach. Always ensure that the bottles are properly sealed. 

Is vaping expired e-liquid dangerous?

Vaping expired juice is rarely seen as dangerous for health. Vaping juices are not medicines that will hurt your internal organs. Besides, it is not like a wine that makes it better while getting older. But, it is not recommended to vape outdated e-liquid. In the case of vaping an expired e-liquid, you may have a very bad experience. In some cases, you can have some unexpected effects as well.

Common side effects of vaping e-liquids

Not only expired vaping juice can provide you a bad experience, but a brand new bottle can also do the same. It is good to understand the common vaping side effects so that a new vaper does not get frightened. A vaper can experience dry mouth, coughing, sore throat, headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue during or after vaping. All these symptoms are common and harmless. Though vaping can provide you a refreshing feeling, overdoing can cause the opposite. For safe vaping, know your limit and vape accordingly. 

What to do with expired vaping juice

This is a common query for most users. The best way to deal with expired e-liquid is to dispose of them. 

But, most vapers may fall into a dilemma. We are sharing some good disposal methods that are safe as well as creative! You should never pour the liquid into the drain since the nicotine is harmful to the ecosystem. Rather, you can pour them into the cat litter box. Cat little safely absorbs the vaping juice as well as does not allow the liquid to spread. So, you don’t have to worry about your cat or any other animal at all. Another good approach to dispose of e-liquid is to use them as an insect killer. If you are fond of gardening, you can pour the expired vaping juice into a spray bottle and mix sufficient water. Now, you can spray the water on insects that are harmful to trees and plants. 

Finally, we suggest never trying expired vaping juice at all costs. Besides, dispose of them properly so that the nicotine does not harm the environment and animals. 

Rylie Holt