How the Raven Scanner can Digitize Your Business

Despite living in the electronic age, many of us still get flooded with important paper documents. For some businesses, forms, receipts, contacts, and other kinds of documentation constantly need to be recorded and organized. Traditional file storage and organization work, but they are time-consuming, take up valuable space, and make it difficult to locate the information you need quickly. The Raven Scanner is a modern solution to this problem, designed to make scanning and digitizing your documents as quick and straightforward as possible. 

The Simple, Single-Step Solution to Digitizing Your Workspace

If you’re looking for an easy way to quickly digitize your workspace, then look no further. The Raven Scanner is the absolute, best tool for digitally scanning documents. It can reliably blaze through huge amounts of documents from anywhere in the office, thanks to its wireless portability. Each scanner features a prominent 7”-8” touchscreen, which allows for document viewing, editing, and sharing directly from the scanner itself. While some Raven Scanner models can be hooked up to a computer, most actions that used to require a computer can now easily done on just the scanner alone. The wireless nature of the Raven Scanner also eliminates the chance for compatibility issues with your computer or future operating systems. 

Increase the Efficiency of Your Workflow

The Raven Scanner works fast; with scan speeds as high as 60 pages per minute, it takes no time at all to digitize thousands of sheets of paper. Features like automatic de-skewing and page rotation, blank page detection, anti-jam technology, and a large 100-sheet document feeder further work to provide a simple, quick, and hassle-free scanning experience. 


Thanks to AI-powered machine learning and optical character recognition (OCR) technology, both printed and handwritten documents are automatically searchable once scanned. Making scanned text searchable dramatically improves upon the time it takes to locate and retrieve scanned information. One other huge time-saver is the scanner’s ability to send scans to multiple destinations at once, as opposed to having to individually send them again for each destination, which is common among scanners. 

So Much More than a Scanner

Just like your phone is more than just a phone, the Raven Scanner is packed with many useful features beyond its excellent scanning capability. Each scanner includes a free Raven Cloud account with unlimited secure storage for your documents along with robust search capabilities. A well-thought-out and comprehensive document editing tool is built-in, allowing quick and easy edits to scans. Wireless faxing ability is also provided with each scanner. 

Security to Keep Your Information Safe

With 128-bit and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol support protecting all data sent and received, as well as encryption of storage at rest, the Raven Cloud ensures your files are well-protected. Adjustable permissions for control capabilities and document access are also available to refine the security of your files further.  


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