How to Achieve Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

When people think entrepreneur, they usually imagine someone who works very long hours. You may do so as well, assuming that if you aren’t putting in as many hours as humanly possible, you aren’t doing everything you can to make your business a success. Unfortunately, even if you are someone who lives to work, this is eventually the route to burnout. You’ll be more effective if you introduce some balance into your life, and the tips below can help.

Learn to Make Boundaries

The first of many great tips for managing stress and the thing you need to do immediately is make boundaries and stick to them. For example, you should set the hours that you will be in the office and make sure that you don’t go in early or stay late. If there are extraordinary circumstances in which you have no choice but to work outside those hours, be sure to make up that time the following day or week. If you have a family, you may want to establish boundaries around your time with them. For example, some entrepreneurs make a rule about being around when their children wake up or for putting them to bed at night.

Learn to Do Nothing

If setting boundaries seems tough, this next one might seem almost impossible for entrepreneurs, but it’s an important skill. You’re probably used to trying to make every bit of your time productive. When you’re commuting, you’re listening to podcasts or making phone calls. For you, down time means going for a run or reading a business book. It’s great to use your time wisely, but sometimes just letting yourself do very little is also important. 

If you can’t convince yourself that it’s a good idea to allow yourself some do-nothing time to avoid burnout, keep in mind that this can actually be a great way to get some fresh ideas. Your brain doesn’t thrive when you keep it working 24/7. A great way to give it a rest without doing something numbing like scrolling through social media is to find a low-key activity like vaping. Doing something fairly monotonous but relaxing like this can jump-start your creativity. If you’re not yet into vaping or you’re not happy with the equipment you have, you can shop a collection of dry herb vaporizers online, which are different from pens, if you are interested.

Learn to Say No

Sure, this can feel unnatural. You probably got where you are today by saying yes, not no. However, the truth is that if you keep saying yes, you may end up overwhelmed and unable to get to things that are most important to you. The problem is that the more successful you become, the more demands people will make on you. You’ll need to start turning them down at least some of the time. Evaluate the offers that are coming your way. Will it benefit you? If not, is it still something you feel strongly about and that you really want to do? Anything that doesn’t fall under these two categories can get an automatic no. If you need some time to consider something, say that. Don’t feel pressured to say yes because you aren’t sure.

Rylie Holt