How to Choose the Right Company to Work For

It seems that the interview process has become more of a rite of passage than a way to get to know a candidate genuinely.

Did you know that there are actual interview rubrics where companies score people in a set of predetermined categories? Then, the person who scores the highest is given the position. That’s ridiculous. The job interview is the last piece in the puzzle. It’s where a company brings you in to see if you are a fit for their workforce. It’s not a test to find the best widget to fit into an assembly line.

For these reasons, you must make sure you do your homework when you seek a place to work. You don’t want to find yourself in a job where you are unhappy.

Look into Leadership

LinkedIn! You can get a good look into any executive on this social media channel. Please take a few minutes and explore their page. Read any work published by the leadership team. This will give you a good look into their leadership style and their philosophy about upcoming issues in your field.

You don’t want to find yourself working on a team of traditionalists if you have a more progressive mindset. It could end badly. Even worse, people talk, and word of mouth travels fast. If you find yourself on the wrong team, and then you apply somewhere else, your name could be tarnished.

Please do your homework, and don’t take a job to take it. Remember, you have to be happy; otherwise, your work will suffer.

Explore Advancement Paths

We are wired desire. Simply put, when you start in a position, you will aspire to advance. Make sure that the area you are applying for has room for advancement. Entry-level jobs are great. They get you in the door. But will you be happy on the bottom floor for the rest of your life? The odds are that you will want that corner office with a view on the top floor. Make sure that there is a metaphorical elevator to get there.

Check out the Salary and Benefits

You have to pay your bills, and you need to set yourself up for your future. Do your research on the salary and benefits package. Make sure that there is some sort of benefits package to offset your health care costs. You will also want to make sure there are ways that you can start saving for retirement. It’s never too early to invest in your future.


You should love getting up and going to work. Afterall you will likely spend 8+ hours of your day at work. So, you want to do your homework and make sure you are applying to the right places.

Find out things like are there employment discrimination cases pending, do they value family time, are remote work options available, do they offer paternity leave, etc. Don’t settle—you deserve better. The right fit is out there. You have to do the legwork to find it.

Rylie Holt