How to Earn Money as an eBay Affiliate

Online business

Affiliate marketing is a great choice for entrepreneurs with a loyal online following, providing a great way to monetize a website or a social network. If you’re not yet familiar with affiliate marketing, it enables publishers to earn commissions by referring customers to an advertiser.

One of the most popular and longstanding affiliate programs is eBay Partner Network (ePN), eBay’s in-house affiliate network. With the wide range of products for sale on eBay, the inventory is relevant for just about any audience. If you haven’t visited eBay in awhile, you may be interested to know that 84% of items are sold as a fixed price rather than auction style, 79% of items purchased are new, and 63% ship for free.

The concept behind eBay’s affiliate marketing program is simple. When someone clicks through your link and makes a purchase on eBay, you receive a commission. This commission is a percentage of eBay’s earnings, and varies by product category. Additionally, ePN encourages you to drive first-time eBay buyers, rewarding you with a handsome 200% commission bonus for doing so.

ePN’s most successful affiliates first focus on providing a great user experience, using eBay listings to enhance interesting content. You can choose to promote specific items or broader categories that will best appeal to your visitors’ interests.

The first step to get started is to take a few minutes to complete ePN’s online application. Approvals are made quickly, and after you’re accepted into the program, you’ll get access to tools to create ePN links to add to your online property. These tools incorporate unique codes to track visits and sales – ePN handles all tracking and reporting while you can view your traffic and earnings details at any time.

You can get up and running quickly even without coding knowledge by using ePN’s text link wizard to generate affiliate links to place on your website or social media account. If you have more technical knowledge, you can create a more customizable experience for your visitors by using eBay’s API.

Content creators of all sizes and types can work with eBay to monetize their online business. So whether you have a blog, website, social network or mobile app, consider taking a look at the opportunities available with eBay Partner Network. Visit eBay Partner Network for more information and to become an eBay affiliate.