How to Install a Linear Actuator

The linear actuator installation isn’t a difficult procedure. Nevertheless, the process is utterly simple and comprehensive only when it is explained by the manufacturer. Find out how to install the device in no time below.

Linear actuator installation: using struts

Linear actuators are installed with the help of special struts. There are two kinds of struts: those that are fixed on the device’s endpoints and those that are fixed along the shaft (there might be other types of struts; we only highlight the ones manufactured by our company in this guide). You can purchase struts separately.

Let’s begin with struts fixed on endpoints of the actuator. First, fix the drive with rods fitting the strut’s apertures. Once you’ve done this, the strut endpoints will be set in a straight line and you can put the pin right along it.

Struts that are fixed along the shaft are screwed up to the main device body and are then fixed with a bracket.

As an option, you can use multiple types of struts for additional reliability and binding power. You can also use custom fixing systems, only make sure everything is closely fixed and in place.

Connect actuator to the power supply

You can either purchase a DC adapter (perfect if you require mobility – these adapters store a sufficient amount of power for a certain time of actuator performance) or an AC current adapter (with its help, you’ll be able to connect a device to an ordinary wall socket).

Notice that some adapters include remote controls (either fully remote or local wired).


As you can see, installing a linear actuator isn’t that difficult. Even custom fixing systems can be used for that. But only the manufacturer can guarantee quality, reliability, and durability of struts. If you are interested in purchasing the fixing system or other specialized accessories for linear actuators, take a look at our online store!



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