How To Keep Remote Employees Happy

Back view of female employee speak talk on video call with diverse multiracial colleagues on online briefing, woman worker have Webcam group conference with coworkers on modern laptop at home

Due to the pandemic, many companies worldwide have shifted their work environments remotely. And with positive outcomes, many offices are considering permanently shifting to this style. However, even if many employees are rejoicing and happy with this decision, company owners and top managers shouldn’t be lenient and off-guard about their employees’ welfare and happiness.

While the majority in your office probably prefer working from home, some also long for face-to-face interactions, and some might be missing the bonding moments of being in the office. Fortunately, you can continue nurturing business relationships and ensuring that all employees are happy with various tools and strategies.

Here are some practical ways to keep your remote workers happy and productive:

     1. Clear Communication

Communication is vital when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships. Due to distances from each other, there’s even more importance in communication for all remote workers. Thankfully, many supporting tech tools facilitate effective communication with your coworkers. Aside from emails, you can video call, chat, or send them a text message. Many office software and tools facilitate effective communication for all internal members.

The ability to communicate better can lead to increased productivity, which can lead to employee retention. When all your team members can approach and express their concerns and thoughts effectively, they remain contented and happy with their jobs. Hence, ensure to schedule team meetings and make it possible for everyone to contact one another as freely as they want to.

     2. Host Fun Events

Virtual teams often communicate through web conferencing platforms. But one special way to make things more fun and exciting is to take some time off work and have some ice breaker sessions. One way to keep your team constantly engaged and happy is to set up fun virtual events for work that pique their interest.

Before work, in the middle of the work, or even after that, you can arrange special virtual events that encourage everyone to have some fun, loosen up, and interact with each other. It can be through some comedy session, watching movies together, playing online games, or typically any activity to break the ice. These events will most likely uplift the spirits of your workers who’ve been down or stressed because of work lately. You can keep your employees engaged and excited about working with you by organizing team outings.

     3. Keep All Members Engaged

Another effective strategy to boost motivation and improve employee satisfaction is to keep everyone engaged. Let them feel that they’re an integral and crucial team member. You should value their opinions and thoughts and welcome their suggestions too. Let them participate in any meeting or work events.

When releasing company information and updates, make sure that everyone receives them. This will make them feel engaged and part of the bigger picture. They’ll feel happier with their jobs if they feel part of the team.

     4. Use Effective Remote Work Tools

Keeping the old technology may be a matter of personal preference. Still, as a company that’s after the welfare of employees, it’s best to keep up with the updates in technology. By embracing innovation, your brand and employees will likely follow suit. Thanks to helpful tech tools and software, your employees can increase productivity, decrease stress and manual tasks, and be satisfied with their jobs. After all, a virtual office is beneficial to your business, so it only makes sense to invest in the right online tools.

Find out what collaborative online tools are most helpful for your team members and invest in them. Technology-based cloud-based tools can help employees automate at least some of their weekly assignments to meet the demands of the workplace. When they have fewer things on their plate, they can improve their productivity and time management skills.

     5. Emphasize Work-Life Balance

Despite working remotely, some employees were found to work longer than they did in the office. As their manager, you need to observe such scenarios and ensure they have an excellent work-life balance. It’s wise to keep track of the vacation leaves and time offs that your employees avail. Encourage them to use their offs and develop a good balance between their personal and professional lives.

     6. Let Your Employees Feel Appreciated

It’s important to show appreciation to your employees, even when they’re far away. You need to find ways for them to feel appreciated for the small victories and accomplishments they acquired. Fortunately, there are many ways to do so. For instance, you can send out congratulatory virtual cards or emails. Or you may insert a brief compliment in weekly company announcements. You can also commend them directly during virtual meetings. Expressing gratitude for their hard work and efforts should be a common practice in your office culture.


It’s common for companies to prioritize their employees’ happiness and welfare. After all, people are what matters most in business. With the viable tips mentioned above, rest assured that your employees can be happy and continue working in your company for a long time.

Rylie Holt