How to Prepare New Hires for Their First Day

New hires are fantastic assets to every company.  Like fresh pieces of a puzzle, they’re there to ensure that the company can keep moving forward.

Unfortunately, most human resources departments dread this period of time because of how quickly new hires can quit.  Almost a third of workers never make it to their ninety-day period, and those who do make it may drop off within the next few years.

These are the best ways to prepare new hires for their first day with the company and why every step matters to ensure they stay and thrive.

Email Them A Welcoming Pack

A nice welcoming pack will allow new hires to learn about the company on their own time. In addition, this type of pack should offer insight into what kind of culture the company believes in, what they can wear, and what matters most to the business.

Try to get this out to them at least three days to a week before their first day at work.  Although you could give them a printed version if they’re hired in an interview, emailing saves paper, and ensures that they can flip through it at leisure on their phone.

In these welcome packs, try to include some fun information about the company and where they’ll belong in it.

Inform, and Remind, Them What Information To Bring

When their first day is set, inform them what documentation they’ll need to bring.  If this is a drivers’ license and their social security card for tax purposes: tell them that.  Then, a day or two before their first day, email them to remind these new hires what to bring.

Although some may forget and neglect to bring things that they need, most will bring whatever documentation is requested of them. So the second reminder will save you from having to tell a bunch of people to go home and gather paperwork before returning.

Offer To Answer Any Questions They Have Before They Arrive

What does onboarding mean beyond a way to introduce new employees to every piece of your company?  Offer new hires the chance to know more about the company before they walk in the doors their first day.  This means opening a channel of communication early on to discuss anything they’re finding troubling or want to go more into depth with.  

Although human resources shouldn’t be available 24/7, since you need time of your own, offering to answer within a business day can be an awesome way to help them find faith in the business.

Have Training Well Planned

The best thing you can do for new hires is ensure that they’ll have the tools to succeed.  Your training regimen should be well thought out and include everything from how they should interact with their coworkers, the functions they’ll have to perform while they work, to what to do in case of an emergency.

It can take a lot of work to prepare a packet like this for every role within the company, but it’s important to show every employee that they’re viewed as individuals and are respected within the company.

Rylie Holt