Top 10 Strategies on How to Promote Your Blog

There are more than 8 million of blogs live online and every year it just keeps increasing. Up to date, according to the Technorati’s data and statistics, there are 12,000 new blogs created every single day! As Google placed high emphasis on quality content, many blog owners are upping their own game and are trying to please the big G.

They do so by producing great quality content that readers and audience love, so the blogs can rank well and gain good exposure in search engines and in turn gain new visitors from organic search. Well we will talk more about this later.

How to promote blog

You think you will have tons of traffic when you have the best content?

This sounds logical but it’s far from the cruel truth.

If you have only just started on your new launched blog, posted 10 to 20 pieces great content, you will count yourself lucky if Google starts to recognize your blog and rank it high in the search engine.

But normally that’s very rare and you do not want to put yourself in this situation where you can only depend on luck.

"So how to promote my blog?", you might ask.

If you want your blog to be exposed to many people who doesn’t know its existence, then you really need to know how to market your blog smartly, effectively.

The Best Ways to Promote Your Blog and Website

With so many blogs out there, what do you use to compete and how do you compete with them?

There are many creative, useful and interesting ideas on how to promote a blog. In fact there are more than enough options you can implement in your blog promotion strategies. But which are the cream of the crop that will generate the most effective results within a shorter frame of time?

Here are some of the tactics and secrets that me and my peers have tested for years. I have been using them frequently and aggressively to promote my blog. Now I’m confident to bring it out to share with everyone so you can learn and apply them for yourself!

#1. Do Proper Keyword Research

So how to promote your website just by doing a good keyword research? Well of course there’s more to it. If you want exposure and visibility in the search engines, then you will need people to be able to find your website or blog right? To get the most out of organic traffic, you will need to find high searches but low competition keywords.

For example, you want to promote blog post about women’s red heels. Instead of targeting the keywords for “red heels” which have so much competition, you may want to target for “red high heel shoes” which has lesser competition and higher possibility of ranking it better in search engines.

#2. Connect and Build Good Relationship with Fellow Bloggers

It’s never a one-man show in the online industry and it never should be, especially when you are starting your new blog. It’s part and parcel of the process to know people, connect with them and build a good relationship with them. With good relationships, there’s also a higher chance of achieving your success.

Connecting and building relationship with bloggers or even the big players in your industry is one of the most important factors that could decide whether you succeed or fail in your online ventures. For example if you take efforts to read their content and share it frequently, you will get their attention and they will be pleased with that.

Do not overlook the relationships with bloggers in your industry because once you established them, over time they will be more likely to share your content with their audience and that will seriously pack a punch in promoting your blog.

#3. Sharing Content on Social Media

how to promote your blog

If you have a rather new blog and have not many followers, then sharing your blog post once on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus may not yield a great result.

How to promote blog with social media? There are millions of tweets per day. So in order to reach a large number of your followers, you would want to tweet your blog post and share in Facebook multiple times a day. You can even use a scheduling tool to help you share or tweet your posts few times a day or a week, it’s totally up to you.

Remember to encourage your followers to retweet as well so you can get the maximum exposure. This is one of the ways how I promote my blog with great effects.

#4. Commenting on Relevant Blogs

Commenting on other blogs may seem like an outdated strategy to promote your website. In truth, blog commenting nowadays is just another ‘easy’ way for people to leave backlinks on with the main purpose of boosting their search engine rankings.

However leaving honest, useful and value-adding comments on popular blogs may instantly increase your reputation and branding when the readers take notice of you. With so many eye balls in a high-trafficked blog, this is a great channel to market and promote your blog. Besides that you are building a rapport with the blog owner.

#5. Pin Images in Pinterest

Promote your blog

You may not realize it but Pinterest is rapidly building its brand and quickly establishing themselves as a powerhouse in the social media arena. We are seeing more and more traffic coming from Pinterest, so if your audience is in Pinterest as well, it’s time to start pinning images and lure them to your blog.

Start to create nice and attractive images related to your niche. Instead of uploading those pictures, share them on Pinterest ad encourage your readers to repin them.

#6. Take Part in Google Plus Communities

There are tons of communities in Google Plus but the first step is to find the major ones that are relevant to your niche.

For example if you are in the tech gadgets niche, you would want to search for active communities that are filled with people who are passionate about techies.

How to promote website with Google Plus communities??

Do a research in the communities to get an idea on what kind of solutions people are looking for. Then you create a piece of great content of that particular topic and share the post in there.

However do make sure you read the rules and regulations before you promote the blog post. Some communities prohibit self-promoting.

#7. Use Infographics in Blog Posts

How to Promote a Blog

A picture is worth a thousand words. With majority of the online content in words, why not use images to communicate a clearer picture to your audience?

Too many words can bore a reader. However with some graphics, it is easier for readers to focus on the important points and make it interesting for them to read.

How to promote your blog post with infographics?

Share the infographics with niche related blog owners. If they find it useful, they might just tweet to their readers or even write a blog post about it. When they do that, it’s a direct way of helping you to promote your blog and get your blog noticed by others.

#8. Use Video in Blog Posts

Not all the people have the same preferences. Some people like to read while some people are more visual. They love to see images and videos rather than read text.

The content of the blog post can be made into a video with the texts as transcript. Or you can summarize the important points of the blog post into a short video.

This method increases the chance of having more exposure to your blog when your audience shares the video to other channels and sites.

#9. Be Unique in Your Expertise

There are many bloggers around but if you have taken notice of the more popular blogs, those bloggers have their own Unique Selling Proposition (USP). They don’t try to copy or imitate others but rather aim to be an expert in his own field.

When you draw people’s attention with your uniqueness, they will recognize you as an expert in your field and become an audience of yours. With word of mouth, your brand and blog could be spreading like fire in social media.

#10. Update, Improve and Re-share Older Content (UIR Method)

Dig through your past blog content that has good value and sharing and see how you can use it to promote your website. Since it’s so valuable, why not update it with the latest contents, improve it and re-share with your readers?

With better and updated contents, this strategy will likely increase the sharing of the existing social shares. This updated blog post will also greatly benefit fans who are new to your blog.

I hope the tactics shared above have shed some light on getting traffic to your blog, the exact ways on where to promote your blog and how to promote your blog.

Daniel Su