How to Stay Ahead in Social Media Marketing

Social media is remarkably powerful at connecting businesses to their target audiences — by helping business leaders understand what their consumers want, by engaging audiences with content and products and more. Thus, business leaders benefit by learning how to integrate social media into their broader digital marketing strategies.

Yet, social media changes quickly. One day, you think you are appropriately abreast of trends and staying relevant with your following, and the next day you are behind. You need to work hard to ensure you are staying on top of the platforms you use, optimizing your content and following the trends deemed most important by your audience. 

No one knows what the future will bring, but you can do your best to stay ahead of the curve with your social media marketing. Here are a select few strategies you need to implement to see continued success in 2022 and beyond.

Are You Making Videos Yet?

For roughly a decade, every year-end list predicting the next digital marketing trends has included “videos.” Indeed, every new social media craze over the past ten years has involved video content, from creation to sharing, with the result that old-school text-and image content isn’t enough to stay ahead with online marketing. Though traditional blogs can still have a positive effect on SEO, you should also commit to interacting with the video content in some meaningful way: creating how-to YouTube videos for your products, curating related TikTok content for followers, sharing short videos on Facebook and Twitter, etc. The sooner you get into video marketing, the easier video marketing will be.

What Are Your Competitors Doing?

You need to be aware of your competitor’s marketing strategies, analyzing their performance and tracking their successes and failures. Fortunately, your competitors’ social media marketing can easily be monitored because social media itself is an open book. When you see your competition doing something that is gaining quite a bit of attention and engagement, you should think about adjusting the concept for your campaign from these learnings. You should not be copying the social activity of your competitors but rather analyzing their activities, learning from them and modifying these strategies for your own use. That said, this should not be your only focus, you should be open to trying completely new strategies and testing it out for yourself. You should not be afraid to forge your own path to better align with your customers needs.

Have You Talked to Your Target Audience?

Your social media audience isn’t necessarily identical to your general consumer audience. Different social media platforms are utilized by different segments of the population and tailoring your marketing approach to each group will make your efforts more effective. To better understand what your target social media audience enjoys, you might take the time to talk to followers directly. You can set up polls across your social platforms asking about the type of content your followers hope to see from your company, or you might directly message individual followers to get their honest opinions. It might be worthwhile to pursue a digital marketing programme which will help you develop your understanding of how to generate value through customer-centric digital marketing.

Do You Need a Social Media Storefront?

The eCommerce industry pivoted significantly in 2020 and 2021 with the introduction of social media storefronts. Now, social media users do not need to navigate away from their social platforms to make online purchases; they can buy the items they see advertised through eCommerce portals built into Instagram, Facebook, and other social apps.

Social media storefronts make sense for many businesses because they bring together marketing and sales into a seamless experience for the user. Plus, it allows businesses to sell directly to where users already are instead of trying to entice users away from social media and onto outside eCommerce platforms. 

What Can You Automate?

Social media marketing can require more time than you might expect, especially if you are doing it right. You will need to produce all sorts of content across platforms for publication weekly or even several times per day. By making this process more efficient, you will have more time to invest in social media marketing, which will result in more audience engagement and bigger profits. Thus, if you haven’t already, you should look into automation for social media, including social media calendar tools, curation tools, monitoring tools, and more.


Social media changes, but that doesn’t mean your digital marketing strategy can’t change with it. If you are struggling to stay ahead of current trends, you still have time to alter your social media strategy and capture the attention of your audience.  By applying the above tips, you should see greater success from your social media marketing campaign, which will make your business that much stronger now and into the future.

Rylie Holt