How to Support a Loved One or A Friend During Rehab?

The psychological disturbance that comes along with rehabilitation is intense. First, the person thinks whether he or she will get better or not. Second, the reformation to become a new person comes with its challenges such as withdrawal symptoms, associating with new friends, and living in an enclosed space. Owing to these shortcomings, support from loved ones is always necessary. Many people just sympathize with them and make the patient feel like he or she is not complete. You should find a way to support them and if you didn’t know how, here are some of the ways you can do that.

Offer Them Counselling and Supportive Messages

A word can make a person develop a new perspective over something they deemed to be negative. In your own time, make sure you talk to them and their doctor. Explain to them the relevance of such a rehab that they would be enclosed in that rehab for a time and they will be better for the rest of their life. Rehab is for reformation, not a correctional facility that persecutes people. Once they get the picture that rehab is for their benefit, it would be easy for them to cooperate even in the treatment schedules.

You Can Offer Them Financial Support

Rehab is expensive especially to people who have been under the influence of a substance. Most of them used their money to buy the drugs or even got expelled from work and now they are struggling. As a friend or a loved one, you can lend a hand and donate some significant amount for the hospital bill or the upkeep of the person in the facility. For underage, be careful not to give them money frequently because they might use that money to purchase some of the drugs. Alternatively, cheaper home detox is possible in some cases, for example, using Rescue Cleanse drink reviewed here:

Visit Them Regularly

Being locked in rehab is not a pleasant thing and many of them may feel like they have been neglected. As a loved, make frequent visits so that you show them you are together in those moments of despair. When you keep visiting, they will feel like they are still part of the family and they are being cared for. Even if you don’t buy them gifts, just visit them and talk to them stories that you used to when they were still normal. The rehab journey will be a success.

Make Changes to Escalate Sobriety

Relapse is very common among addicts so it is the role of the loved one to prevent that. First, plan some activities that you will be doing after rehab. It could be going to the gym, taking a walk every now and them, and participating in activities, and that will work for you. by doing these activities, the patient will not think of doing drugs anymore. If there are factors that provoke the urge to drink, make sure they are removed from the person so they continue to recover in peace until they become normal.


Supporting a loved one in rehab could be done in any way. Just choose the appropriate ways depending on the nature of the person. If you know the likes and dislikes of a person, it would be easy for you to know what to do. Whichever help they need, it would be good if you are the one to coordinate it since you are the loved one. Rehab is a temporary place where people reform and become better, make sure you are part of their recovery triggers. Sobriety comes quickly is family and friend support is intense so don’t sit back and watch, do something that will create a positive impact in the life of that person.

Rylie Holt