How Windows Can Give You More Than A Better View

The double glazing industry has often been the butt of jokes, and has long suffered from a poor reputation. The industry probably didn’t do itself any favours during the early days of the eighties and nineties, when cold calling and hard selling tactics produced a number of bad news stories. 

However, in the UK alone, the fenestration industry is worth £4.6 billion, and $12.4 billion in the USA, and with the supply of housing such a contentious issue, there is still ample growth opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the time and hard work to grow a stable business.

But what are these opportunities?


The quickest and most low cost way of creating your own window business is to set up an installation team. Because of the volume of sales across the UK and the USA, rarely does an installation team have a week with no work. In fact, retailers are crying out for good, experienced, knowledgeable and competent installers who work on a contract basis and can get the job done quickly and professionally.

A windows retailer in the West Midlands, for example, may be overwhelmed with orders, but the lack of a good installation team means that they are having to give long and longer lead times. Meeting this need with your own installation business will guarantee you with regular, well paid, work.  And once you have established your reputation as a reliable, professional company, the demand on your own services could put you I the position to grow and scale your own business, whereby you are running several teams across the region.


Every property, every building in every country across the world needs windows. Older properties might need their windows to be replaced. Brand new properties need brand new windows. Windows that were replaced thirty years ago, might need replacing with the next generation of windows. Domestic or commercial, the window industry will never be short of demand.

With the online world now so firmly entrenched in our psyche, establishing a marketing funnel that produces leads is a low cost method of creating a consistent income stream. Either you could follow up the leads yourself, generating orders to feed through to manufacturers and earning a commission, or you could sell the leads as a package direct to another retailer.

Creating a good funnel is not an easy – it requires commitment and dedication to follow through a structured process which will require split testing, and constant tweaking until you have achieved the right balance in terms of cost per lead. However, once you have got the balance right, it will be a powerful and healthy source of potential, high quality leads that many companies will pay top dollar to bring into their own businesses.


Windows are just one side of what could be a very lucrative business. The most successful fenestration businesses tend to include other home improvement products that give them a larger slice of the pie. These could include roofline products such as soffits and fascia, roofing, solar panels, entrance doors. There are also larger, higher ticket offerings you can incorporate such as garden rooms and orangeries. 

The industry itself is already well established, but the skills shortage is indicating a looming crisis in terms of their being enough labour to fulfil the demands of the industry. If you have the energy and passion to work hard, and the intelligence to spot gaps in the market which need filling, then this booming industry will always look after those who look after it. 

Rylie Holt