How Your Business Can Attract Gen Zers in 2019

When it comes to getting Gen Zers interested in your business, there always seem to be so many challenges. Already, millennials were hard enough to market to, with values so different from traditional consumers’, but that’s nothing compared to marketing to this younger generation. Gen Zers, on the one hand, are resistant to traditional marketing, but on the other hand, want your attention all the time. They’re always on their phones using 3G, but if they get a pop-up, they hate it. They hate advertisements on YouTube almost just as much, especially when the ads are getting in the way of the content they’re trying to watch.

That said, there are some strategies that work with Gen Zers. With the new year here, it’s time to make changes to your marketing strategy so that they’ll be interested in your business–and here’s how.

Be authentic

One of the values that Gen Zers care about most is authenticity. They’ve grown up in a world of taking selfies and posting constantly on social media, and this has made them suspicious of anyone faking a lifestyle. They’ve also grown up constantly bombarded by advertisements, whether that’s on Facebook or YouTube, and they can tell quickly when a business is creating a fake brand instead of one that’s authentic.

That’s why you should strive to be as authentic as possible. Make your business’s mission clear (include lengthy versions on your website and shorter ones on social media), and make it part of your brand. For example, if you’re running an ecommerce fashion store for plus-size women, talk about how important it is for you to be inclusive, and how a terrible shopping experience might have inspired you to start your business. Write blog posts about body positivity, and have women who look real, instead of impossibly beautiful ones, posing in your Instagram posts. All this effort will pay off, considering that Gen Z will outnumber millennials this year, accounting for 2.47 billion people worldwide.

Value diversity–and get political

Something else that differentiates Gen Zers is how diverse they are. In fact, they’re the most ethnically and racially diverse generation yet, and you need to market to that. Let’s use the same example as above: if you’re running a fashion ecommerce store, have models who are racially and ethnically diverse. And don’t stop there. Remember that only two-thirds of Gen Zers identify as “exclusively heterosexual,” and that they’re at the forefront of many progressive LGBTQ issues. So being diverse in this way is important, too, whether you’re making that known in your mission or social media posts.

Speaking of your mission, it’s smart to make it political, whether that’s promoting green practices, donating some of your money to a local charity, or working with political organizations. Gen Zers value this too because it’s the perfect combination of stating your values and being authentic by sticking to them.

Make your site mobile-friendly

Gen Zers spend a ton of time on their phones. They’ve grown up with smartphones around them, and are making most of their consumer decisions on their phones. Whether they’re looking for your store on Google Maps, researching your products, or making a final purchase, it needs to be easy to do on a phone. Design your site so it’s mobile-friendly, and consider investing in an app to make purchases easier. (For example, the Ryanair app makes it possible for fliers to buy tickets and extras, and check in, all on their phones.) Gen Z is going to make up 32 percent of the global population this year, so the sooner you mobile-update your site and apps, the better.

Get on social media

Speaking of phones, something Gen Zers do a lot on their phones is go on social media. They use Instagram to catch up with their favorite celebrities, and even to get their most recent news. So you need to create a social media aesthetic for your brand and then post consistently on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In fact, 34 percent of Gen Zers want brands to reach out to them on social media.

Youtube is a great idea too, considering how popular video content is becoming these days. If you’re running an ecommerce store, check out Oberlo’s tips; they have guides on how to make a YouTube channel private and more.

These are some of the best strategies you can use to get Gen Zers interested in your business in 2019. Once you’ve taken these steps, you’ll immediately start getting attention from a group of customers who seemed impossible to attract in the past. What other strategies do you think would be effective?


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