Impact Of Covid-19 On The Tech Industry Worldwide

The Covid-19 pandemic is surely the worst gift 2020 brought over the world. It took over the entire world by storm. People from all around the world encountered not only damage to their physical and mental health but other than this, economies and industries all around the globe also suffered.

The situation was not much different for the tech industry either. IT support Los Angeles also suffered a huge blow. However, as it seems, the tech industry seems to be coping well given the current pandemic and is on the way to recovery. Although, tech industry is stabilizing and overcoming the impacts of the pandemic, it still faced its own share of hardships.

This article addresses both the positive as well as negative impacts that the Covid-19 pandemic bore on the IT consulting services all around the globe.

Impacts Of Covid-19:


Collaboration is the backbone for any IT business. Covid-19 forced people to work from home. Therefore, collaboration was heavily impacted and it became hard for people to cope up with this change in the way of working.

But at the same time, people working in the tech industry worldwide are very tech savvy. Therefore, it was about time before they adapted to the work from home strategies and started using IT tools and platforms to build virtual collaboration platforms through which they could meet their professional targets while working from their homes.


Businesses from all over the world faced a decline as the Corona Virus spread and made its way to all the regions around the globe. The tech industry also experienced a dip. However, the downfall for the tech industry proved to be a temporary downfall.

Since offices and schools were shut down to maintain social distancing and to prevent the further spread of the pandemic, therefore it was not only office work that was shifted online, but schools and other educational institutes also moved towards online classes. Therefore,a rise in demand of IT Services Los Angeles was observed.

When working remotely, information and data has to be shared online. Therefore, there was a risk that cybersecurity issues may be on the rise. The tech industry companies that are specially related to cybersecurity services were quick to offer their services. The cybersecurity services are selling like hot cakes and these companies seem to be doing pretty well.

Remote Working And Laying Off Workers:

It is an undeniable fact that everyone experienced a jump when operations were shifted from offices to remote working protocols. The case with tech industry workers was no different. Although, the workers quickly geared up and accepted this transition as the “new normal”.

Due to the lack of business and work, many companies had to lay off workers. This was not the case with the tech industry professionals because of two reasons. Firstly, the pandemic clearly brought a rise in demand of the tech services. Secondly, tech workers did find ways to collaborate online and made sure that their work was not affected. Therefore, comparatively, a very small number of people who work in the tech industry lost their jobs.

Other than tech staff and IT professionals, this industry also employs people from other domains like sales and marketing and other staff like drivers and peons etc. This sector of workers surely suffered as they could not offer their services online. Since the offices were no longer operating and everyone was working from home, these employees found themselves in hot waters.


Since workers are now working remotely, many tech companies who had rented office spaces decided to vacate the work spaces till things moved back to normal. Moreover, since workers are not using an office space, other expenses like electricity bills, use of office resources, stationary etc. also have been cut down.

However, on the flip side, there is work for the tech industry, but the influx of customers and clients has surely decreased as a result of the pandemic. Many companies have been forced to cut down their prices and accept work at any rate that is being offered by the customers.

Therefore, although the office expenses and finances have been reduced, overall the companies are still facing a financial deficit. Therefore, companies are reevaluating their finances and are trying to cut down costs as much as possible. Some tech-related businesses have been suffering a lot and employees are facing major salary cuts and reduction in other benefits.

Employee Wellbeing And Health:

The current situation is surely stressful. People all around the globe are busy fighting a deadly pandemic and the routine in all walks of life has been disturbed. One of the things companies seem to be struggling with is ensuring the overall wellbeing and health of their employees.

The Corona Virus situation is indeed a testing time. It is the time through which companies should be supporting their employees and standing right next to them. Many employees are struggling to adapt to the use of technology to help them work from home. Bearing this in mind, one of the services that tech companies are offering these days are training sessions.

Due to remote working, the people who are not tech-savvy have been struggling. The tech companies are now offering help and training to make sure that everyone can make use of online resources and work from their homes with ease.


Author: Bones Ijeoma is CEO and co-founder of AllSafe IT, and his mission is to make downtime obsolete. Bones received a BS in Computer Engineering from Cal State Long Beach and received an MBA in Entrepreneurship from USC Marshall School of Business. After finishing school and working for companies such as Marriott Hospitality, Dreamworks, and UCLA Medical Center, Bones realized there was a need for small businesses to have access to the same technology solutions that large corporations leverage.


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