Keeping it Together: Managing a Network Across Multiple Locations


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For SMBs with multiple locations, structuring an efficient, secure network can be a nightmare. Even if all your equipment plays nice with each other and you have the latest technology in place, maintaining continuity is never easy. Equipment gets replaced at different rates, updates must be meticulously tracked and deployed across multiple hardware instances, and security concerns are multiplied by the number of locations you manage.

One solution that’s gaining in popularity is moving everything to the cloud. But finding a provider you can rely on consistently isn’t easy, and finding a reliable managed service is even more difficult. That’s why we were excited to hear about CBTS’ Network as a Service offering. This service takes the guess work out of managing your network, regardless of how many remote locations you manage.

What does NaaS Change?

Before CBTS designed this offering, any company with multiple remote locations, wanting to customize networking capabilities to fit their IT needs, faced steep increases in cost and complexity. They were effectively held hostage by a system that is effectively designed to penalize growth. But with NaaS, Branch Office Deployment is simple, secure, and far more affordable. And best of all, NaaS includes WAN optimization as a service, so you can scale as you grow, and it’s automatic and cost effective.

If your business offers Wi-Fi to customers, NaaS from CBTS is a dream. The task of managing hybrid, public networks is no longer complex and cost prohibitive. NaaS integrates Auto VPN, which offers intelligent control that transforms public networks into secure, reliable WANs. What does that mean for your business? First, it means an increase quality of experience (QoE) for real-time apps. You and your customers will notice a significant difference in performance. Auto VPN also provides flexible deployment models and helps offset the challenges that inevitably arise when trying to manage traditional WANs.

What about Reliability?

One of the most compelling advantages of NaaS is its reliability CBTS offers support and service SLAs, so you’re assured consistent performance from their team. As for network reliability, the NaaS platform offers layers of redundancy, with multiple uplinks and LTE failover. That means if part of the network is down for any reason, redundant components pick up the slack, allowing for a seamless customer experience. And of course all equipment is under warranty and includes upgrade support for the duration of the service.

So, let’s recap: CBTS’ NaaS offers network admins and business owners a way to make life easier, keep their network ultra-secure, simplify deployment across multiple locations, and save money in the process. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s not. CBTS is committed to delivering on their promises, and their SLAs and other guarantees back that up.

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