What to Look for When Buying a Hydraulic Massage Table

As a masseuse, or someone pursuing a career in massage therapy, you know the importance of having a table you can depend on. One of the best accessories you can use in your massage business is buying a hydraulic massage table.

While there are a variety of tables available to choose from, hydraulic tables combine all of the premier options of traditional tables with the added benefit of a hydraulic lift. These tables can revolutionize your practice and benefit both you and your clients.

Benefits of a Hydraulic Massage Table

The key difference in a hydraulic massage table than other traditional tables is the addition of the lift mechanism. The electric component allows for the masseuse to raise or lower the height of the table at the push of a button. More advanced tables offer the ability to angle the table for adjustable comfort for the client, as well as the masseuse.

Typically, because of the construction of the table, the massage table is on lockable wheels which allow for the table to easily be moved from one room to another. The additional features make for hydraulic massage tables a priority in any well-respected massage practice.


While stationary and portable tables are made of wood or aluminum, hydraulic tables are typically made of steel to compensate for the hydraulics and the electrical components. Be sure that the table is locked in place before beginning your day, and apply pressure to be doubly sure there is no movement.

Weight Capacity

Most steel frames on hydraulic lift tables are manufactured from heavy duty steel. This frame strength allows for larger client weights, but the frame itself will also dictate the weight limit. Be sure to check the working weight of the table before you begin working on any of your heavier clients.

Many tables are now designed to hold considerably heavier clients. If you’re looking at buying a hydraulic massage table which will accommodate clients up to 650 lbs or so, make sure the total lift capacity is bariatric rated.

Thickness of Padding

The padding of the massage table will vary by brand and by the option you choose. Like any massage table, the high density foam pad will range from two inches to five inches, with a three-inch level of thickness being the preferred choice.
An electric massage table with poor padding doesn’t provide a comfortable experience for your client and they are unlikely to return.

Foam is the ideal form of padding, as many tables feature high-density foam cell padding which retains its shape and firmness over the years of use.

Check to make sure the upholstery is made from a good quality, thick vinyl such as Natursoft. As you working with many clients throughout the day, your table needs to be kept hygienically clean. It’s important the upholstery is both water and oil resistant, so you can wipe it down easily after each clients massage session. Having a surface which is both water and oil resistant ensures your table remains looking in excellent condition for years to come.


A foot pedal to operate the lift system is a common accessory. Other accessories that will either come with or can be purchased for the table are:

  • arm shelves/side arms
  • headrest
  • leg bolsters
  • neck roll
  • foot rest
  • face pillow
  • electric warming pad
  • flannel sheets
  • table cover

These accessories will depend upon the services that you provide to your clients: a variety of massage styles, facials, waxing, etc. will all dictate which accessories you should make sure to have along with the table itself.

Use A Cover To Protect Your Table

A cover for the table is an excellent choice no matter what services you offer as it protects both the equipment and the health and hygiene of you and your clients. There are a wide variety of covers to choose from.

Overall Design

Color, style, and overall design of the table will vary and should reflect your personal taste. Look for an hydraulic lift massage table that is both appropriate for your place of business and for your client base.

Don’t be afraid to purchase accessories that will help to make the overall design of the hydraulic table match your personality and needs of your clients. The more thought and care you put in to the selection of your table, the more you will be confident in your decision.

How Much Should I Spend?

When you are looking at buying a hydraulic massage table, you’ll find they are a little pricier than other tables, but you are paying for quality and the amenities. Typically, a hydraulic table that is well made will cost anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 which may or may not include the accessories.

Look For Sales Specials

Some companies will offer sales and other specials, so be on the look out for information like that when you are buying. While money can sometimes be an issue, your table will more than make your money back in no time. And, if you are self-employed, or purchase the table for a business, then it is a business write-off for your taxes as well.

Hydraulic tables are designed to make your life easier by caring for your body. They provide your clients with a professional experience to reduce stress, heal physical health issues, deeply relax clients to keep them balanced and relaxedthat will keep them coming back. Not only do they offer the convenience of a hydraulic lift to raise and lower the height of the table itself, but the steel frame provides  excellent stability and support that will reassure your clients that they are in good hands.

Buying A Hydraulic Massage Table Is A Good Choice For The Long Term

A good massage table can mean the difference between success and failure as a masseuse, and buying a hydraulic massage table is the key to helping your business flourish and thrive. The possibilities are endless; now it’s up to you to take your style and find the perfect match to give your clients an unforgettable whole body relaxation experience.

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