Ottomans are a Sectional’s Best Friend

If it’s time for a new sofa, and you’ve decided a sectional is what you need, consider an ottoman to complement your new set. The ottoman is a popular furniture piece because of its versatility, and recently its popularity has grown. No matter what room the sectional is moving into, an ottoman can really change the look and feel of the space. 

Before embarking on your journey to find the perfect sectional and ottoman set, think about how you want to use the piece. That will help you decide what width, height, shape, and type of ottoman to buy. 

Because the ottoman is so adaptable in any room, it can have a number of uses. But, what’s most important is how your household members will interact with the piece. 

If you want to use it as a coffee table and add surface space to the room, then you’ll want an ottoman that’s well constructed with durable material. Leather or faux-leather options work best as coffee tables. The material is easily cleaned and simple to maintain. Choosing one that sits an inch or two higher than your sectional cushions will make it easier to reach.

Using the ottoman as additional seating at the end of the sofa will require one whose height matches the sectional cushions. To maintain cohesiveness, get one made of the same material. If the ottoman is going to serve as a footrest, then it should be slightly lower than the sectional’s seating for optimum comfortability.

When it comes to size, a large sectional works best with a bigger ottoman, and a smaller sectional looks great with a small-scale ottoman. Large sectionals tend to swallow smaller ottomans, and it looks as if the room is missing something. You can use two small ottomans in place of a large one to keep the room’s scale balanced. A large ottoman in front of a small sectional distracts from the sofa, which should be the area’s centerpiece.

As far as shape goes, rectangles and squares are most common, but a round ottoman can add the right amount of contrast to the sharp straight lines of the sectional. If you have a more rounded sectional, a circular ottoman will complement it nicely. 

If you want to shake up the style of the room, then a fancy ottoman will do the trick. A faux-fur ottoman can add a sense of sophistication to the space. Different textures and decorative elements can enhance the look. A leather bottom with a cozy tufted top is a way to blend textures on an ottoman. Metal and nailhead trimming is another way to mix and match different elements.

Bold patterns and prints that complement the throw pillows and blankets can help add pops of color to a neutral room. If you can’t find the exact print to match the current accents, stay within the color palette, so the room doesn’t feel disjointed.

Let’s not forget about outdoor sectionals and ottomans. The same basic rules apply, but since you are outdoors, you have more room to work with so, add more than one ottoman. You can use them as footrests, side tables, plant stands, and more. 

Tiny ottomans, or poufs, are safe in areas children play because of their rounded edges. Many come with removable, machine washable covers, so don’t worry if the kids have a ball and give the poufs a workout. 

Storage ottomans are wonderful pieces to have indoors and outdoors. Indoors, it can hold reading materials, tools for hobbies and tuck away other items to keep the room neat. Some storage ottomans have tops that turn into trays once you flip them around. That is great for when you’re entertaining around the sectional. 

Your new all-in-one piece means you don’t have to clutter the room with more furniture when guests are over. Not only will they have an extra seat, but also a tray to place their drinks. The same is true when you’re outside. You can store tools you use for gardening in the ottoman. If you don’t like your delivered packages being left in full public view on your porch, a storage ottoman is the perfect hiding space for the boxes.

You may think that a sectional and ottoman are pretty pricey and out of your range. If so, just check out a sectional sofa with an ottoman on 1StopBedrooms. You will find sets up to 65% off already reduced prices. They deal directly with brand-name manufacturers and offer free shipping on deliveries. 

You also have the option to choose from a financing plan of up to thirty-six months, so buy it now and pay later. Just remember, as long as you get the scale right, you can choose any style sectional and ottoman to meet your design and functional needs. 

Rylie Holt