PixTower Review: Pixel Advertising

We all saw how popular Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage became over a matter of a few months, with his huge amounts of media publicity, all due to his novel concept of advertising. However since then, there have been an enormous amount of copycat sites, all with the same method of pixel advertising. Some of these were still quite successful but most were not. I even started my own pixel site, and obviously saw no sales!

I was therefore impressed when I read about Nathan Waters’ new take on Pixel Advertising, by introducing pixTower (http://www.pixtower.com/). I quote from Nathan’s site:

“pixTower is a very, very tall virtual tower made up of many storeys (or pixPartments). Each pixPartment has been purchased, designed and created by either an individual or business. Because of this, each pixPartment is unique; comprising of the blood, sweat and tears of its creator… which ultimately results in an awesome looking tower made purely from pixels!”

Nathan has created pixTower to firstly try and compete with the likes of Alex Tew and to fund his university study costs and accomodation. He also hopes to put profits into more community-based projects, which is another great reason to support him. PixPartments start off at completely $FREE, another superb reason to join pixTower, but for the more plush and bigger advertising blocks, $79 is what you will need to drive lots of traffic to your site.

A great feature of the site, along with the regularly updated blog is the fact that you can design your own virtual apartment. All you have to do is download the template, and create your apartment to suit your taste. And if you don’t feel up to the job of designing, Nathan has created a special sister site, uniquely designed to create your own apartment at http://www.pixpartments.com/ run by Tristan Grace, with prices starting at a mere $39.

As a keen reader of Nathan’s blog at www.nathanwaters.com, I wish him all the best on this venture, and hopefully this post will contribute to more sales on his site, but be quick, there are only 29 fre pixPartments left. I know I’m heading off there straight after this to design my own!

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