Preparing for the Pandemic: Essential Tech During the Pandemic

Working from home can certainly be problematic, especially if you’re unprepared. This can lead to work being left unfinished, efficiency being ruined, and in worst-case scenarios, being fired from work altogether. But we shouldn’t jeopardize our safety for the sake of work. This is why many people are looking into gadgets and tech to give them the ability to work efficiently again.

Regardless if you’re an employer or employee, it’s undeniable that you need different gadgets during this pandemic for you to earn a decent living. This article will discuss other devices that are considered essential to both your efficiency and safety.

Phone Sanitizers

The COVID-19 virus can live on various surfaces in our homes and offices. Anyone with the virus who has sneezed or coughed to the virus has the capability of spreading it indirectly through these surfaces. However, one of the surfaces that harbor the virus for an extended period is our phones.

A recent study found that the virus can live on various surfaces at the right temperature for a given amount of time. It’s estimated that viruses can survive longer on a cold temperature surface and enjoy surfaces like cold steel and plastic. It also enjoys living in the glass found on the very screen of our smartphones as well.

The virus can live the longest on the surface of smartphones. It’s estimated to stay for as long as 28 days to more than a month if left unsanitized. This has made phone sanitizers and essential gadgets for every smartphone owner.

Using these kinds of sanitizers doesn’t require you to wipe your phone down. All you have to do is put your phone on top of it to kill any germs or viruses that are living in it. Some even come with a charger so you can sanitize and charge at the same time.


Laptops quickly became one of the highly sought out tech products when the pandemic hit. Millions of people flock to retail stores to purchase a laptop for their work. Some were buying them because they needed them for school. Today, laptops have become a commonplace product in homes because of the versatility it brings, and its ability to be used almost anywhere, making it an essential gadget during the pandemic.

Purchasing any laptop is excellent, and it’s going to save you a lot of the hassle working from home and reporting at work. But if you can find a build-your-laptop website, the better. Building your laptop means that you can save money and customize a laptop based on your needs.

Laptops in retail stores tend to do everything, from gaming, documentation, and video editing. But having a generalized laptop means that it doesn’t excel in any particular thing. Customized laptops, on the other hand, can excel in many things and help you save money.

Mini Air Purifier

Air purifiers have become an essential gadget, especially in highly polluted areas. However, this particular gadget has skyrocketed in sales when the pandemic hit various countries in the world.

This is another highly sought out gadget that has become commonplace in many people’s homes. It’s great to have if we have two or more people in our homes who need to go out every day. Mini air purifiers have been known to kill contaminants in the air, and this includes the virus. Although not the most effective in killing all the viruses in the air due to its protective layer, it can still drastically reduce the chance of infection inside your home.

3-D Printer

With most items in retail stores and hobby shops almost out of reach without putting yourself in immediate contact with the virus, people have resorted to DIY projects, especially when it comes to their hobbies. On top of these DIY projects is one particular gadget: the 3-D printer.

3-D printers have been around for quite some time now, but it’s only a couple of years ago when it has become convenient enough for people to purchase them. Nowadays, 3-D printers can print all sorts of household items. It can even customize them! Sure, it’s still quite limited in the materials it can use for printing, but utilizing plastic and resin is good enough for most people.

3-D printers have made DIY projects a breeze. It’s also a great business opportunity if you like modeling your items at home.

Here are some essential gadgets you’ll need for the pandemic. These gadgets can help your life at home be more sustainable without putting yourself at risk with the virus. In addition, they are reasonably cheap for what they can do, so make sure to purchase them when you can.

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