Protecting Your Eye Health While You Work

While your main focus when at work is successfully completing any tasks you are given, due caution does need to be taken in terms of your health. Even though you most likely take steps already to prevent illness, such as bugs or colds that are rampant at your workplace, you may not have considered the need to protect your eye health too. Failure to do so can lead to pains and soreness, as well as the potential for you to lose your sight or even your eyes themselves in certain circumstances.

Eye Swelling

There are a number of reasons why eyelid swollen, including infection or build-up of bacteria. This swelling can feel incredibly uncomfortable, especially when you have a lot of work to get done and cannot afford to stop and rest your eyes. Allergies can also cause swelling, so it is important that you keep track of the pollen count and keep antihistamines on you, especially if you usually suffer from hay fever or other allergic reactions. Taking a few minutes to hold a cold compress on the swollen eye can help to reduce some of the inflammation until you are able to figure out the cause, get hold of eye drops, or even speak to your physician.

Eye Strain

One of the common causes of eye strain is actually known as computer vision syndrome, because it is caused by prolonged use of screens. Adjusting the angle at which you use the computer screen, keeping yourself hydrated, and giving your eyes frequent adequate rest can all help to stop this from occurring. In addition to the soreness and burning sensation your eyes may feel, eye strain can often lead to headaches, which will make you feel even more sensitive. Individuals who have prescription glasses or contact lenses should make sure they wear them correctly, as this can help reduce the amount of pressure on the eyes to perform. Choosing to wear glasses, as opposed to contact lenses, for long-term computer usage may also limit the strain on the eyes, as well as prevent dryness from occurring.

Using PPE

Some types of business may lead to you working with machinery or chemicals, which may require the individual to use protective eyewear. It is important that you choose the correct eyewear for the job, whether it be safety glasses, goggles, or an entire face shield. Shrapnel from cutting tools can easily pierce and damage the eyes, so the material of the PPE you use must be able to withstand this. Likewise, some chemicals can burn and corrode the skin and eye surface, so you need to make sure that any PPE is worn correctly, and kept in good condition, so that it may do its job.

Looking after your eyes is vital for you to be able to continue working normally, as well as to enjoy life as a whole. By taking a few steps to maintain your eye health, you can complete your tasks without problems.


Rylie Holt