Proven SEO Tips For Magento Store Amendment In 2016

Magento has gained popularity from being just an E-commerce development platform to becoming a full-fledged content management system in the last 8 years after its inception. Managing a significant market share of 28%, Magento reigns the realm of E-commerce development industry. More than 2,00,000 online stores are already powered by Magento, and the figure is expected to double up in future.

So getting an online store developed on Magento makes a good sense. And definitely, when the business owners are facing the dilemma of generating business and publicizing it. On one hand, they need to escalate their brand reach among the customers and, on the other, they need to publicize their business on different search engines.

Why SEO Factor Is Crucial To Leverage An E-commerce Business

No matter how big or small your E-commerce brand is, it all depends on the success of your business that determines its ranking within the market. There are numerous SEO tips and tricks available online that help in improving the sales and conversion on your shopping site.

But before moving on to knowing any of those tips, let’s know why SEO is so important for an E-commerce business.

Well, how many of us consider shopping through the portals when redirected through some social media platforms. Not a significant number. This is because we all prefer searching products directly on search engines rather than going to them through some redirecting links. Now it all depends on the ranking of your site on SERPs that would either attract or avert user to your site. Moreover, the chances are too low for sites with poor SEO ranking as 75% of the web users do not scroll beyond the first two pages of their searches. So if you have your site ranked in the first 2-3 pages, you might counter the odds of entering to the remaining 35% percent.

Evidently an established online store gets 40% sales and client engagement through search engines rather through some redirecting links.

Tips To Enhance The SEO of A Magento Store

Let’s now discuss some of the key steps that can be used to escalate the process of search engine optimization for a Magento store.

Configure URLs

Make sure you have used clean and clear URLs in your Magento website. Try using some common searched words or some product related characters in your URLs. Here is how you can do it: Go to System Settings>Configuration>Web>Search Engine Optimization.

Now click URL options to set No in the Add Store Code to URLs section. This helps in making URL’s clean and optimized with the conventions of search engines.
URL option

Further go to the “Search Engine Optimization” options and click Yes for “Server URL Rewrites” in order to eradicate index.php from the URLs for making them more readable and search engine optimized.
Search Engine Optimization


Effectively fill keywords and description for the page in the metadata of your CMS. Remember adding at least 5 keywords to your metadata where each keyword is relevant to the description of your page. All these keywords are then used by search engines to rank your site data on user search terms.

Product Names & Descriptions

For an eCommerce store to flourish, it all depends on its products and services. The more appealing these products are, the more effective will be its reach among the audience. It is better to customize your product descriptions and their names in such a manner that they not only describe your business but also direct customers to your site. If you have an E-commerce portal with products at the display having neither description nor any name, then definitely you might be experiencing the worst situation in terms of SEO. Also, edit all the product names & descriptions such that they include keywords to make your product SEO-friendly.

Product Names & Descriptions

Organic Content

Apart from products, configuration, and metadata, it is very important to have SEO-centric, illustrative and unique web content. An interesting content would definitely help in engaging more customers to the site. In most cases, a user gets averted with a poorly written content, description and product names. It is presumed that users mostly avoid sites that exhibit duplicate and repeated content.

Responsive Components

Getting an E-commerce website developed on Magento turns fruitful when you get device-agnostic feature well integrated into the website. Search engine giant Google too prefers the sites that load faster and can be viewed on multiple web-enabled smart devices. Developers these days are more active and influenced by this factor and so they use various tools to check the responsiveness of a site. One such popular tool is that is specifically designed to serve the purpose of knowing the measures of responsiveness of a website. The result generated by this tool helps developers strategize their development processes accordingly.

Product Reviews

Try to include product reviews in your site as it would help your customers to get a fair idea about your services and products. Many of the online shoppers buy products only after reading their reviews on the internet, which means the sites having reviews will witness more user engagement than the sites that lack in this area.

Foolproof Strategy

Never build an E-commerce business without a proper futuristic strategy. Only a clear strategy can help in utilizing the available as well as needed resources effectively for the business. Draft a proper system focusing on all components like SEO, ROI, scalability, proximity, ranking, etc. detailing each of them can be escalated and optimized as per the business reach.

Go Advanced

Inculcate pro-active strategies and features within the website in order to leap your business atop other competitors. Try not to repeat the tested and already functional strategy again on your site to prevent it from getting monotonous and predictable for the customers. Update your site using all advanced technologies and tools to lure new as well as existing customers.

Few of the advanced tools that are popularly used for enhancing the SEO of your Magento store are listed below:

Google Webmaster Tools: A must-have and reliable tool which every newbie and established businessman should consider for getting an impressive SEO-friendly website.

Seoworkers: This is the best website analyzer tool for all beginners, this easy to use tool is available free for usage.

Lipperhey: It is an intuitive and easy to understand advanced tool comprehending all latest features to determine and influence SEO of a website.

Seoptimer: This tool lets you analyze your site on SEO perspectives thereby highlighting the errors.

These free tools help you understand the basics of SEO and lets you improve on the sections that most ordinary sites lack.


Now that you have got to know some golden tips to escalate your SEO for Magento store. It is also important to know that how to get these tips integrated effectively in your website. If you are a newbie businessman then it is advised for you to go for some professional assistance of some web development companies or some expert. These companies are highly experienced in their domain and hence, they know to serve the best to their clients. As discussed above landing pages are quite useful for increasing sales and driving more traffic. deliver the best Magento web development services to their clients. Moreover, they help you draft an overall strategy for your business to leap forward.


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