Site Review: iPrioritize

iPrioritizeRecently I got in touch with a member from the MindPetals Entrepreneur Network. His name is Adam McFarland and he runs a blog at SportsLizard and a really cool site called iPrioritize. I agreed to do a review on the latter, seeing as I think its such a good internet tool for the entrepreneur (even though I won’t officially include it in the Young Entrepreneur Series!). To quote from iPrioritize.com:

Simple to-do lists that anyone can use: Make a list to organize your tasks. Drag tasks up and down as your priorities change. Mark items complete when you finish. It’s that easy!
Access your lists anytime, anyplace, anywhere: Print, email, subscribe via RSS, and view lists on your mobile phone

The core of this site revolves around the idea of being able to manage your time effectively which for an entrepreneur is essential. By having the ability to create tasks that you need to do for the day or for the coming week you can keep on top of your work and make sure that you never miss another deadline. And what’s more, you can get a Free Account within seconds.

Another great feature of the site which I particularly would like to see on my phone is the mobile website. This means you can access your lists anytime while on the move. Also the interface is very clean and simple to use, another plus! I was also lucky enough to have access granted to a Business Account. Here great features include an executive overview of all your workers, being able to see what tasks employees are still to do on their lists and ability to create unlimited free accounts!

I would definitely recommend you checkout Adam’s site. I hope it will prove as useful to you as it will prove useful to me. Great job on iPrioritize.com Adam – let’s hope your site keeps growing!

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