Six Reasons Owning a Business is Better than having a Job

Are you tired of the same old tedious desk job, where you work tirelessly to make someone else’s company successful? Well, if yes, then you’re not alone. Many people around you, whether it is a colleague or not, share the same feeling. These days, the word ‘corporate slavery’ is tossed around like a ball in a football game. Being a corporate slave sucks the life out of people who could have been so much more if they were working for themselves.

Such a thing gave rise to another term known as ‘entrepreneurship.’ You might have heard this word thousands of times but never gave it much importance. Usually, being an entrepreneur means setting up a business while taking on risks that yield high profits. However, being an entrepreneur requires a lot of innovation and creativity.

Our world is evolving at break-neck speeds and presenting new problems with every passing day. For an entrepreneur, every situation is a business opportunity. You have to identify such issues and develop cheap and clever solutions that people will pay for. That said, every person in the modern era wants to become an entrepreneur and run their own business. And why wouldn’t they? Working for yourself has tons of benefits, and today we will look at some of them down below.

You have the freedom to educate yourself whenever you want.

Working a desk job means that you will never have enough time for your family or friends, let alone higher education. Sure, there are situations where your employer might finance your degree and send you to a good college or university, but do you want to take that chance? Being a business owner means that you can enroll in a degree program of your choice whenever you want, of course, if you can afford it!

You can’t be a good businessman without proper education and guidance. Guidance, of course, comes through education and experience, and without either, running a business isn’t possible. 

That said, it would be best if you chose a business-related degree. Consider searching for the term online MBA programs no GMAT required on Google. You’ll have tons of online degree options at your disposal that will allow you to bypass the GMAT exam while giving to the time needed to run your business with an iron fist.

You are your boss.

Being a business owner means you don’t have to report to anybody. You’re the boss! You won’t have to take any orders from anyone. You can make your own decisions, and nobody will question what you do, unlike a nine-to-five job where your coworkers are constantly trying to climb the corporate ladder at your expense.

You will live your life the way you want, especially if your company is doing well financially. You won’t have to ask anybody’s permission when you want to take a vacation. In short, being a business owner means that you will always have the freedom to do whatever you want, as long as you keep your employees happy.

You can set your schedule.

If you are a business owner, you won’t have to follow any time restrictions. For example, while in a job, you have to reach your workplace at a set time, usually around 9 am, and work till 5 pm. But with your own business, you can select your schedule and report to your office whenever you want and leave whenever you feel like it (although we aren’t saying that you abuse this power). You can work more if you’re going to increase your profits or work less if your business is financially stable.

Unlimited earning.

If you’re an employee, chances are, you’re earning the same salary every month for the last five years or so. After all, there will be times when you’ll need more money due to unforeseen issues, such as paying for car repairs. However, such a thing will have to wait as you might not get a pay raise or a bonus anytime soon.

When you’re a business owner, the amount of money you make depends on the amount of work you’re willing to put in. As mentioned before, you’ll make a handsome amount of money if you are eager to put in more hours. Of course, building a business from scratch is extremely difficult, and the entire process can be time-consuming. However, compared to a job, the opportunities to earn more money are endless.

Business owners enjoy a healthy life.

According to a Forbes study, individuals who own a business are happier and healthier than those working a desk job. Such a thing is possible because business owners enjoy a flexible working schedule. As a result, if anything important comes up in their personal life, they can time off to build healthy relationships with their loved ones.

Business owners can even hit the gym more often because of their flexible work schedules and follow a healthy diet than employees who have limited time and opportunities to improve their well-being.

Every day is a new challenge for business owners.

If you love taking risks and welcome a new challenge every day, being a business owner might be just the thing for you. After all, successful business owners such as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos didn’t reach the corporate summit without taking risks. If they feared losing and backed off, they would have never made it in the business world.


While being a business owner comes with its risks and challenges, it is undoubtedly more exciting than a monotonous desk job where you end up feeling like a robot. You only need an innovative business idea that you can quickly sell to your customers. So, if you are willing to take the first step into a world free from corporate slavery, what are you waiting for?!


Rylie Holt