So, You Want to Start a Professional Blog?

If you have an inkling that you want to start a blog, you’ll have to make a decision of how far you want to pursue it. If you are just running a blog for fun, posting funny pictures of your cat, you can certainly do it with all of the free options that the internet has to offer. However, if you want to actually monetize it and perhaps even make it your full-time job at some point, then you will have to invest some money into it. Why? Well, because your blog has to look and sound professional as well as operate smoothly. Here are ways to ensure this is done.

Be Prepared to Lay Out Some Cash

To invest in a high-quality and marketable website, you’ll need more than just the spare change underneath your couch. You’ll need a decent amount of cash. Instead of tapping into your savings and leaving yourself short in the event of an emergency, try approaching a private lender for a personal loan. You may be tempted to use your credit cards to pay for it, but the interest rates on a loan will be significantly lower than using a card. In fact, you can use the loan opportunity to get credit card debt under control and pay them off for good. Apply for a little bit extra and get those cards off of your back.

Shop for Hardware

Now that you have money in hand, it’s time to start shopping. Most pro bloggers have a high-end dedicated laptop from which to work. The reason for this is because there is a lot more to blogging than simply writing interesting tidbits that lure people in. You’ll need a digital camera that can take amazing photos, a microphone in case you decide to do a podcast, as well as a webcam for those times when you want to do video blogs or web interviews.

Domain Names & Extras

If you are running a professional blog, you need much more than a free website host. At the bare minimum, you will need to register your own domain name. You will want to invest in appointment scheduling software to set up and keep track of meetings, software to handle automated email responses, filtering software to keep spam messages from the comment fields on your blog, as well as software that coaxes potential customers into signing up for such things as newsletters.

Delegate Authority

You will eventually get to the level where you simply cannot keep up with every facet of your business. It is at this time that you will want to hire people to perform certain tasks for you. These tasks are whatever you deem them to be. Most bloggers tend to hire out for things they consider too boring or too stressful. Remember that hiring extra help is not some admission of failure, or that you could not do it on your own. Having to hire people is actually a sign that you have become a successful blogger.

Rylie Holt