Tactics to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategies

As a busy company owner, you want to be sure that you are spending your advertising dollars as wisely as possible. You realize that when it comes to reaching potential new customers, the digital space is king, and so you are focusing your marketing efforts on social media, texts and your website.

In order to be sure that you are getting the most from your digital marketing strategies and getting great value from your marketing budget, it is important to fully optimize your digital marketing tactics.

With this goal in mind, please consider the following words of advice:

Show Your Human Side

One of the best ways to succeed on social media is by creating digital content that has a decidedly human feel to it. Some of the most successful brands out there make it clear that there is a real person behind the posts and texts. So instead of posting photos of your new products on Instagram, make sure you are in the pics too, showing how everything works. As a side note, be sure to reply to as many posts and comments as possible; this will also show your customers that a living and breathing human is behind the company and is actively engaged in the social media community.

Strive for Digital Content that is Interactive

Another effective tactic related to digital marketing is to create digital content that requires users to interact with what they are seeing on the screen. This will not only lead to people spending more time on your site, but it can also improve your conversion rate. Fortunately, there are a number of tools you can use to help create interactive content that can also boost your SEO. For example, some online companies offer fully customizable interactive templates that can be edited to match your brand and include surveys, quizzes and calculators.

Check Out Your Competitors

In order to use digital marketing to its fullest effect, spend some time studying your competition and then try to hone in on what they are missing. For example, another company with a similar product or service may be really good at updating its website but may be virtually silent on social media. While you will still want to be highly active on social media as a way to improve your digital marketing optimizations, by all means, look for ways to capitalize on your competitions’ weaknesses to attract more business.

Know How to Get Discovered

While SEO is definitely important when it comes to potential customers finding your company, keep in mind that voice commands are becoming more common. Customers may ask Siri or another program to find a business like yours, so be sure that your website is optimized for voice commands and searches. To see if you are coming up in these types of queries, regularly monitor your website through your own voice command searches; if you are not at or near the top of the results, it is time to work with your digital marketing team to make some changes.

Effective Tactics and Strategies are Key

Digital marketing is about much more than an occasional post on Facebook or email to your customer base. It’s about knowing the specific tactics that will make this important part of your advertising revenue pop as much as possible. By creating compelling and personal content that is interactive, being aware of what other businesses do well and struggle with, and making sure Siri can find you, you can rest assured you are using digital marketing to the best of your ability.

Rylie Holt