The 5 Employee Benefits Job Seekers Really Want

A better benefits package is not only beneficial to your workforce. Having a solid benefits package is good for your company’s reputation and for your bottom line. You will have an easier time attracting the top workers and improving employee retention

When workers have good benefits that they want to use, they tend to be healthier and happier. This means better workplace morale. Employees who feel like they are a valuable part of the company are more likely to stay longer. 

They are also more likely to work together as a team when they feel invested in the company and its future. Higher productivity rates and fewer sick days are benefits for your company’s profitability. It helps to have a broad list of employee sponsored benefit plans

If you want to attract and retain top talent, these are the most important options to focus on with your benefits package as they are among the most sought after choices. 

Flexible and Remote Work Opportunities

For employees, working from home or having a flexible schedule allows them to enjoy social lives, more easily participate in their kids’ school activities, and much more. When employees have some degree of autonomy, they feel valued and trusted. 

If they do not feel well or cannot get to work due to inclement weather, work-at-home employees may still be able to get their work done. Companies that utilize remote workers may not have to pay for as much office space and won’t have as many overhead costs. 

Many people today have hectic schedules and full social or family lives. This means that flexible scheduling and remote work are among the top perks that people look for when they search for jobs.

Wellness Programs

Wellness helps promote better morale. Employees feel valued when their employers care about their well-being. For employers, the benefits of a wellness program are a better workplace culture, better productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower medical care costs. 

The wellness program should have ongoing initiatives and events or contests. A weight-loss contest with a prize is a classic example. For ongoing benefits, some companies add a juice bar, healthy snacks, or standing desks. 

You can also do fun projects, such as having everyone collaborate to create a healthy cookbook. Give everyone in the office a free copy of it.

Also, remember that mental health is a critical part of every person’s well-being. Try to add some benefits for this category, such as a relaxation room or a weekly group therapy meeting. 

Even providing information about local groups, suicide prevention programs, counseling options, and other resources can be helpful. 

To make employees feel valued, you can ask them for wellness program ideas during weekly or monthly meetings.

Student Loan Assistance

Today, many companies offer some form of tuition assistance or tuition reimbursement. It may be for specific programs or only for full-time employees. 

While tuition assistance is still a helpful perk to retain, one benefit that many companies lack is support for graduates who have hefty student loan payments each month. Some people pay upwards of $500 per month on student loans.

Since many recent grads want to buy homes and save for retirement, they are looking for ways to eliminate student loans in no time. One way to attract top talent is with a student loan assistance program. 

Companies that offer this perk usually allow a specific amount toward a student loan payment each month, and there is a maximum benefit per employee. For example, a company may decide to contribute up to $5,000 per employee and a maximum of $50 per month. 

Since the payments are monthly, this gives qualified employees a reason to stay and can boost retention rates.

Health Care

This is what most people think of when they hear about employee benefits. In many health insurance companies and health care industry surveys, health care was cited as the most important benefit by workers. A good health plan will never go out of style.

For many people, the cost of paying for individual or family medical care is becoming too expensive. Employers that offer good coverage for individuals and their families are more likely to retain workers longer. 

Affordable co-pays, reasonable premiums, family care, and medication coverage are important to workers who have limited budgets. Dental insurance and vision coverage are also important. In addition to wanting and needing health care services, employees need to understand their coverage better. 

When they understand their coverage and have affordable costs, they are more likely to take charge of their health. This means fewer sick days and better productivity.

Paid Time Off

When you talk to most people about their children or family, they recognize that you care about them as individuals and not just as work contributors. 

One of the biggest ways to show that you value and care about your workers is to offer them generous paid time off for family vacations, marriages, graduations, and other important events. 

It’s important to give your best effort to make sure that they can attend the important moments and milestones in their loved ones’ lives. This will make them more likely to put forth their best efforts to help your business reach important milestones and achievements. 

Greater dedication means better productivity. Also, generous PTO means that workers have more time to refresh and will likely demonstrate a higher quality of work.

Don’t Neglect the Benefits

These five points are the most strategic places to start as you build your workplace benefits package. They provide a well-rounded strategy and communicate a strong message of care for each employee as an individual. 

As your budget allows, try to add some other classic and innovative perks. For example, you can offer disability insurance if your workplace has some hazards. If your workforce mostly consists of older people, you may want to add long-term care insurance. 

Pet health insurance is another benefit that more companies are adding today. Think about your workforce and the needs of the majority. This could vary based on your industry, workplace risks, and other factors.


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