Ways to Pull off Your Corporate Gift-giving Strategy

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed a lot of shifts in consumer behavior, and we’re expecting these changes will carry over post-pandemic. One of them is the approach to special occasions and gift-giving.

Before the pandemic, people worldwide were accustomed to the practice of gift giving that it became fully embedded in various cultures. People are investing money and effort in finding the best gifts for their loved ones and taking time to wrap gifts in clear boxes or colorful gift wrappers.

Restrictions placed on socializing made it difficult to create and maintain relationships amid a pandemic. This challenge is certainly felt in offices and corporate environments where the majority of people are now working from home. Because of budget limits and movement restrictions, many employers chose to forgo the traditional office parties, pushing them to focus more on gift giving.

Although more companies are gradually returning to their physical offices, many are still choosing to stick with the remote work arrangements until everything has gone completely normal. So if you’re planning to step up your post-pandemic gift giving, it makes sense to discover the best ways to perfect your corporate gift-giving strategy amid a pandemic.

Gift giving as a morale boost

It’s common knowledge that the pandemic has taken a toll on organizations in the last few months. More employees are working from home while customers are getting disengaged from businesses. In this case, companies must address the declining morale among workers and customers. Without productive employees and happy customers, your business will be in serious trouble.

To start planning your gift-giving strategy for customers and clients, think about the concerns and goals they have during the pandemic. This means putting yourself in their shoes and understanding their personal struggles.

The same goes for employees who have faced massive shifts in how they do things at work. They have to adjust their routines to accommodate the new work model and find the best arrangement that suits their work style. This sudden shift is likely to cause various struggles among employees, such as stress, burnout, depression, and poor work-life balance. As a result, these challenges will turn into negative factors that may hinder the company’s productivity and bottom line.

The importance of a post-pandemic gift-giving strategy

The world is full of uncertainties right now. For this reason, the pandemic crisis offers a perfect opportunity to boost everyone’s morale. Giving gifts is a great way to promote happiness and encourage productivity, including those employees who haven’t received any recognition for their efforts in the past year.

The challenge is particularly challenging for employees who have families. Since the start of the quarantine, people have to deal with fear, sadness, and uncertainty of the situation. Plus, they have no choice but to work from home and homeschool children at the same time. If they have seniors or toddlers at home, the struggle is even greater. There’s also the inability to be with friends and family members, which can potentially strain a person’s emotional well-being.

So if you’re thinking of a reason why you should plan a gift-giving strategy amid a pandemic, it’s simply because it’s the most humanistic thing you could do for your employees and business.

The perfect timing for gift giving

Deciding where and when to send gifts is the biggest challenge of gift giving. Although there’s a big chance employee are stuck at home, the problem lies in getting their addresses.

There’s no other way of finding out people’s home addresses than to ask them! Choosing this option might mean you have to be completely honest and open with people when requesting their personal details. Although it might spoil the surprise, telling them about your intention will put a smile on their faces. Chances are, they will be more eager to share the fun by returning the gesture!

If you’re clueless about what to get for them, you can simply distribute an online survey. You can include questions about how they’re holding up and their current challenges. The information they will provide will give you an idea of whatever they’re going through. Don’t forget to leave a space to leave their addresses to send them a complimentary gift.

For many, gift giving amid a global crisis has gone beyond the act of love and remembrance on holidays and special occasions to a way of showing empathy and closing the distance caused by the pandemic. This also offers a great time to demonstrate your appreciation to people who have remained by your side in these uncertain times. Until then, use this opportunity to instill generosity and spread love.

Rylie Holt