The Pros and Cons of Wireless Displays in Business

Author: Luke Richardson

Wired Displays

It’s not just wired displays, but wired tech, in general, comes with a lot of disadvantages. This is a time when ‘resimercial’ office design – i.e. fluid with unassigned seating – is rapidly increasing at the workplace. Resimercial design is a layout and furnishing style that brings the homely feel to the workplace. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Uber, and more are investing heavily in this to improve the productivity of their employees and it is actually working.

Two of the core ideas of this style of design is collaboration and movement. It basically means that employees can work wherever they feel is comfortable while being able to move around freely.

How does this connect to tethered displays? Wired technologies have portability issues and restrict the mobility of users. It may also require additional cabling, installation of electrical outlets, ports, etc. depending on the equipment that is being installed. All this reduces the scope for mobility.

The next major disadvantage is an improper use of space. Wired technologies generally take up more space than their wireless counterparts. This, in turn, requires additional maintenance and management. Cables can get redundant with time as they only serve a single purpose.

Wired displays have their advantages as well. Obviously, the cost of cables is very minimal in comparison to wireless products. They also don’t show any latency, but of late, even wireless technologies have very minimal latency issues. Transmission efficiency is also slightly better for wired technologies.

Wireless Displays

Wireless displays and wireless tech, in general, are slowly gaining popularity due to the forward thinking of designers and tech enthusiasts. This is a time when people are moving towards the “Less is more” concept. Wireless displays can be a boon for offices and meeting rooms mainly because of two reasons. The first is that it promotes mobility and, the second, that it requires less maintenance. To connect to a wireless display, you need a third-party device that will allow you to to stream content from other devices, like laptops and mobiles

Airtame is one such device that is helping over 10,000 organizations go wireless. It fits in the palm of your hand and can enhance the capabilities of your wireless display by allowing streaming from any device running on any OS, even from smartphones. Once configured and plugged into the HDMI port of a screen or projector, you can download the Airtame app from your device, follow a few steps, and you are up and screen mirroring in a matter of seconds.

The advantages wireless displays in business are many. Airtame suits businesses, big and small, with tech-savvy employees and those who wish to share and collaborate on the fly.

The disadvantages of wireless displays were prominent sometime back with latency and efficiency issues, but these reported connectivity issues are rapidly decreasing, due to more effective internet connections, and improved, additional tech..

One could look at price as a disadvantage.,. Airtame, for instance, sells at $299 apiece. However, it comes with its own cloud management tool, the ability to display performance dashboards, and digital signage apps when you aren’t directly mirroring to a screen (making for some impressive “screensavers” around your tech-focused workspace).

The future is wireless

Today, a product is not released as a solution to a problem, but rather as an ecosystem that can tackle a whole lot of other related problems as well. With the Internet of Things gaining traction all over the world and the estimated worth of global IoT tech projected at $6.2 trillion by 2025, it is safe to say that the future is wireless. The change will be gradual rather than abrupt, but those who welcome the change with a broader mindset should be considered wireless displays and Airtame for their workspace.


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