Tips for Choosing an SEO Firm

When you are choosing an SEO firm for your business, you want a firm that has the knowledge and experience to make your business increase and make a lasting mark. You want a firm that will make you feel like a priority regardless of how many clients they have. You want a firm that will help you to understand what you need to do to strengthen your content and your digital branding. When thinking of all of these things, you may think it is too much to ask. How can an SEO firm have all the needed experience, knowledge, and expertise, and still treat every client like their most important? We promise you, that SEO firm is out there.

Here are three tips to help you choose the best SEO firm for your business.

1. Look at which services the firm offers.

If you go to a firm’s website and they promote SEO services without explaining what those services are, you should be skeptical. There is no one way to accomplish SEO for your website. There are many services that work together to create an effective SEO strategy for a business. SEO isn’t just about keyword research or backlinks. You need a firm that understands the need for a holistic approach to SEO to maximize the effectiveness of the strategy.

Companies with years of experience and expertise like LinkGraph offer a range of SEO services, including link building, managed SEO campaigns, onsite content, and local SEO. Each service provides a specific benefit while working together to create a solid foundation for promoting your site and increasing your search engine ranking. LinkGraph also offers free site audits, which will identify the weaknesses in your current website, so you can work towards creating an SEO strategy that will correct those weaknesses. They offer remediation services to correct past SEO mistakes, and they will do SEO attach checks and toxic link disavowal for your company. SEO attacks are when other companies make strategic SEO decisions to hurt your company; this is considered a form of black hat SEO.

2. Evaluate the tools they offer their clients


Similarly to looking at the services available, if you go to a firm’s website and it doesn’t detail the tools they offer to help you grow your online presence, you should look elsewhere. LinkGraph provides a range of free tools to anyone who visits their website. These tools include backlink analysis, keyword search volume, and content optimizer. These tools can help you strengthen your SEO and identify the areas you need to improve while deciding if you want to hire a professional to take over your SEO strategy.

When comparing SEO firms, look at their websites to see if they offer visitors tools, ideas, and valuable content to help them help themselves. Every SEO firm is hoping to get your business, but if the mission of their company is to help other companies grow and thrive, that should be evident through their website and marketing.

3. Look for SEO firms with successful outcomes


Anyone can tell you what they will do for you, but do they have previous client testimonials and successes that they can offer as a demonstration of their ability? LinkGraph SEO case studies provide site visitors with the details of specific projects and companies they took on as clients. Each case study includes information about the client, the problem they were facing, the steps taken to solve the problem, and the results. Testimonials are useful because they show you how customers feel about the firm, but case studies go one step further by providing you with a sense of how they conduct business and the results of their efforts.

Rylie Holt