Tips to Maintain a Brick Exterior

Brick exteriors on homes, storefronts, and offices add a beautiful and classic aesthetic. There’s something professional yet cozy about a brick building that can’t be described. However, to achieve this sophisticated appearance for your home or place of work, it requires plenty of routine maintenance. 

It isn’t easy maintaining a brick exterior and keeping it attractive for all to see. But it is necessary, especially if it’s a storefront or office where customers and clients will visit. First impressions are everything!

In this article, we’ll share common problems of having a brick exterior and what you should do to better maintain it. 

Plant Growth

Plants, while a gorgeous touch of nature, can be pesky culprits of damaging brick exteriors. If you notice vines starting to grow up your brick wall, get rid of them immediately. Continued growth could lead to weakening the mortar and cause cracks and holes in it. 

To get rid of vines, avoid pulling them off the wall directly. Instead, cut them at the root as close to the soil as possible. Eventually, the vines will die and fall from the brick wall. 

In the case of ivy, if the exterior is recent and strongly enforced, it won’t damage the mortar. 

Moisture and Water

Water and moisture are silent killers of brick exteriors. There are many factors that cause water damage. Sometimes it comes up from the ground water, other times it’s from the rain. Moisture in or on the wall could lead to mildew or mold growth. While it’s fairly simple to get rid of it using a bleach mixture, it can be easy to miss until it’s too late. 

Sometimes, when the water dries, it can leave behind a white coating on the brick. This is known as efflorescence. While it isn’t damaging, it can tarnish the aesthetic of your home or business. 


When the mortar between the bricks starts to weaken from cracks or holes, it’s time to get it repointed. This is definitely a job for a professional brick mason, such as the experts from Brickworks Property Restoration, to ensure it’s done correctly and quickly. 

Only certain sections will need repairing, so it shouldn’t be too big of a job. However, it’s important to catch the problem as early as possible to prevent further damage to your brick exterior. 

Routine Cleaning

Remember how we said maintaining a brick exterior required work? Here’s where it really shows. 

Once or twice a year, you should have a routine cleaning done to your brick home or office. While you can do it yourself, most people pay a professional to do it. 

If you are to clean the bricks yourself, make sure to use a brush, mild detergent, and water. Do not use a pressure washer as the force of the water can cause even more damage to the bricks, especially because they are so porous. 

To remove stains, mildew, or other issues, a bleach mixture usually does the trick! Simply apply it, brush it, and rinse it off. 


Rylie Holt