Tried and Trusted Non-Digital Marketing Strategies Still Prove Worthy

The world you live in today is digital and expected to soar to new heights in the next century. There, are, however, tried and trusted measures that any business owner can still use to get their name into the spotlight without the sole reliance on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Trade Shows 

Trade Shows still offer a way to connect with the general public. People like to see the people behind a product or service and get the information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to say. Today, business owners enjoy spending time with their fan base and take the opportunity to expand on it.

Luckily, setting up a booth either indoors or outdoors is relatively easy. If you have you show outdoors there are specialty companies that have rentals available to handle platforms, tables, and coverings. If you want to invest in your supplies and pay just once for them you can purchase from companies like Ins’TenT that offer a wide range of products that you can personalize by adding your company name, logo and colors. These attractive and professional-looking displays draw the crowd in your direction, giving you a chance to then sell your product or service.

Flyers and Billboards

Printing up flyers and occupying an available space in a high-traffic area gets your name out there to the general public each day. While the initial fee for using a billboard may cost a bit more, with each day that passes the cars that go by will continue to see your name and if they should need that product or require the services you offer you will seem to them as a household name, someone they can trust.

The same applies to flyers. Mass mailings are something business owners have used for generations. The goal is to get just a small portion to contact you and build your base from that point. If a family member enjoys your product or services they are likely to refer you. Multiply this by just a few hundred responses to your mailing and you have the potential to double, triple or even quadruple your client list in just a few years. The best part about it is that after the initial mailing expense the rest is free.


Many businesses are looking for ways to cut corners on their budget without sacrificing on potential sales. Television is still a way to reach a large volume of people at once. While a portion of the population fast-forwards or leaves the room during the commercials, there are still many that remain. The same concept as using a billboard applies, repetition. If someone sees you or your product on television often enough you become familiar and gain their trust.

Take Care of Your Existing Customers

The most important thing a business owner needs to do is to take care of their existing loyal clients. If you are just about making the fast dollar and ignore your clients’ concerns, you will never grow in size and make it to the next level. The reason is simple, if as many leave as you bring in you won’t budge, you’ll remain the same.  And, when the word gets out about your lack of customer service, you could end up losing even more clients. This makes all your hard work and money invested a waste of time.

Keeping up with the changing times is important, but don’t be so quick to toss out successful strategies for growth with your company. The best approach is to invest a little in both the digital platform and non-digital methods. This way you’ll gain name recognition with the younger, plugged-in generation and satisfy the older population that still enjoys the chance to meet face-to-face or receive personal mailings.


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