Web Hosting Review – Frozen Webhost

Since the start of November 2005, I have been using Frozen Webhost as hosts for my e-commerce website that sells Costume Jewellery. Since that time they have more than excelled in their services and so I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cheap and affordable host.

Their 3 packages start of at a low $5/month where for this price you can get:

10 GB Bandwidth
1000MB Disk
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited FTP
Unlimited SQL Databases and Unlimited Subdomains.
The highest value package goes to $15/month, where you get 50GB Bandwidth!

Over the time I have been a customer, I have never had any major problems, however if I have had a query, I have just contacted their friendly staff through MSN, where they have been more than happy to look after my needs.

To top it off, Frozen Webhost are ranked joint 1st out of 400 hosts on www.webhostingjury.com
Please check them out, and I strongly would urge you to join their large list of customers!

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