What are the Best Tools to Find People on the Internet?

Are you looking to find a long-lost school friend or track down a relative you haven’t heard from in a while? Searching for people online is easy when you have the right tools. You can find someone’s phone number, track down their address, discover their relatives, figure out their email address and even find their arrest records. 

The 4 Best Tools for Finding People on the Internet


Thousands of people are searching for people online. Whether its to track down an old friend or do a background check on a potential roommate, CheckPeople’s algorithms can help you perform a criminal record search, verify the identity of online buyers and sellers or find the phone number of your great aunt. CheckPeople.com makes things simple for its users. All you need to start a search is a person’s first and last name. If however, the person has a very common name it’s a good idea to have additional information in order to narrow the search. CheckPeople also enables you to perform a reverse phone lookup search. This is especially useful if you keep getting mystery phone calls at 1 am. Additionally, CheckPeople can provide you with current and previous addresses, immediate and distant relatives, criminal records, traffic records, sexual offender status, marriage and divorce records, social media accounts, online dating accounts and contact information.

  1. Search Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking site in existence so the odds of finding someone you’re looking for are fairly good. Furthermore, Facebook encourages its users to add lots of information about themselves. This increases the odds of finding the exact person you’re looking for. The easiest way to find someone is to type their name into Facebook’s search bar. You can then filter the results to better improve your odds. For starters, you’ll want to select the “People” filter so you avoid getting business pages, events and other content in your results. You then have the option of filtering these results by “Education” or “Work”. If you know this information it will narrow down your search. Even with these filters, a Facebook search can be tedious. If you know someone who is friends with the person you’re looking for this will make your search faster. Simply navigate to your friend’s profile and search their Friends list for the person you’re looking for. You can scan the photos or type in their name into the search bar.

  1. Try Google Image Search

If you need to find out the identity of someone in a photo you’ll want to run a reverse image search. A reverse image search can help you identify whether the photo you have or photos like it appear on other websites. This is helpful since the information you seek may be on another website. Additionally, you will be able to find what social networks the photo appears on, giving you options to connect to the person you seek. Running a reverse image search is fairly simple. Simply navigate to images.google.com and click on the camera icon. You can then choose to upload an image from your computer or insert a URL for a photo. If you don’t get the results you want from Google, you can also try image searching on Bing, Yandex, TinEye and others.

  1. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is unique because it focuses on businesses and professionals. Unlike other social media sites, people on LinkedIn are more likely to use their real names and publish real information. This makes searching for them fairly simple. LinkedIn is especially useful if you know where someone works but don’t know their name. LinkedIn is also good for finding the right person to speak to at a company. For instance, if you want to find out who makes the hiring decisions at a place you want to apply to, LinkedIn can give you that information. Simply use the LinkedIn search bar to find the company the person works for. You will be taken to the company’s profile page. Underneath the profile page banner, click on the link “See all “number of” employees on LinkedIn.” This will bring you to a page listing all the people who have listed that company as their employer. You can then filter your search by location and connections.


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