What are Today’s Best Practices in HR?

The world of business is evolving rapidly. A company needs to remain at the top in every department, if it doesn’t want its competitors to pass them over. This is particularly true of HR, which plays a sensitive role in the growth and well-being of a company. It is why so many of them are now installing an HR software, as part of their development. Let’s take a closer look at what it means and what the other best practices are in HR, these days.

HRIS – Human Resources Software

Technology is key to the development of any company, in today’s world. If it doesn’t have the latest tool in all its departments, then it is bound to be lagging behind, sooner than later. HRIS is a human resource information system. It can be installed inside the servers of the company, but it is most often run through the Cloud. It handles all the information regarding HR activities and processes electronically. It is also possible that the same system handles accounting, management, payroll and even IT. 

The main goal of installing HRIS is to increase efficiency inside the HR Department. It helps making decisions, as all the information necessary to act upon can be found inside the software, making it much easier to make the choices that will affect the future of the company. These decisions will theoretically help the company in all other aspects as well, including the quality of life and the productivity of all the employees. Managers love working with HRIS, as it facilitates their work, immensely.

Other Best HR Practices


Culture has become one of the most important elements for a company to grow. Values are important to the new generations. Many of them won’t work for a company that doesn’t share their interests on certain subjects, or that won’t provide them the quality of life that they expect, in terms of how the work is done in the office and clear separation between their time at work, rest and vacation days.


Developing a vision with clear goals is more important nowadays than it has ever been. The role of HR is to get everyone to buy-in, so that they all work towards the same objective, in unison. Collaborative has become a key word inside companies. Redistribution of the wealth is also at stake, in some of the firms around the world, holding best business practices. These are two of today’s growing tendencies, that should be staples in tomorrow’s business life. The managers in the HR Department have to keep-up with these trends, or they will soon find themselves obsolete.


Employees need to be celebrated. Of course, HR still needs to create and manage the rules that govern the company, but they also have to make sure that they create a great environment to work in, or else, they will start losing employees to the competition and won’t be able to replace them easily. Advancement should be allowed, whenever possible, and all particular action by employees that helps the firm grow, should be celebrated as a special event.



Rylie Holt