What do you know about Electrical License Continuing education in Texas?

Continuing Education or CE refers to post-secondary programs or studies that students follow after a traditional education. Some professions require continuing education in various ways to understand laws and remain updated. Some requirements come in the formation of annual classes or tests to keep up with changes in your industries. 

Other professions need continuing education in the formation of advanced studies or degrees that prepare you for new opportunities and responsibilities. Sometimes, employers realize that continuing education is a good reason to offer you a promotion. They can understand that you have spent money and time to improve yourself. Your continuing education can make you more worthy for promotion.

Do you want continuing education for an electrical license in Texas?

Are you looking for a Texas electrical license continuing education to remain licensed? If yes, then you need an organization where you can complete your continuing education courses to renew your license in Texas. If you click to visit the site, you can check that there are various courses for continuing education. This institute is one of the leading training institutes for continuing education. It is also a TDLR, or Texas Department of License and Regulation approved institute. You can complete your continuing education courses through online mode to maintain your electrical license.

Who needs continuing education in Texas?

Some professions require to complete the four hours of continuing education to renew their license-

  •  Journeyman Electrician
  • Master Electrician
  • Journeyman Industrial Electrician
  • Journeyman Lineman
  • Master Sign Electrician
  •  Maintenance Electrician
  • Residential Wireman
  • Journeyman Sign Electrician
  • Apprentice Sign Electrician
  • Apprentice Electrician

Some facts about continuing education providers for electricians in Texas.

Electronic licensees have to complete four hours of continuing education from a TDLR approved institute. All of these courses should address The National Electronic Code, the law and regulations of the state that govern the operation of licensees.

Education providers must renew their registration in order to provide the courses for continuing education each year. The course approvals are valid for one year assuming that provider approvals exist the entire time.

The department must approve the new courses for continuing education before offering the courses. A course approval application must be submitted by the education provider before setting any seminar or course, a timeline text outline, course materials and required fees of course approvals.

How will you renew your Electrician license?

All Electrician licenses are valid for one year from the date of issue, and you must renew your license yearly. You should get a postcard or email from TDLR about sixty days before the expiry of your license. However, your responsibility is to renew your Electrician license before the expiry date. You need to ensure that all your contact information are up-to-date and current to receive these kinds of notifications.

What are the job roles of licensed electricians in Texas?

  • A licensed Journeyman Electrician performs electrical works under a Master Electrician’s supervision.
  • A licensed Master Electrician maintains, extends or installs electrical wires and uses electricity, machinery or equipment used in any building, structure, dwelling, property or outside.
  • A Journeyman Industrial Electrician is licensed to perform at businesses that operate petrochemical and chemical plants, natural gas plants, refineries, natural gas treatment plants, oil or pipelines etc.
  •  A licensed Journeyman Lineman performs electrical works that involve operation and maintenance of equipment related to the distribution and transmission of electricity.
  • A licensed Master Sign Electrician performs electrical sign works such as installing, maintaining, manufacturing, extending, or connecting electrical wires.
  • The duty of a licensed Maintenance Electrician is to maintain electrical works under a Master Electrician’s supervision.
  •  The duty of a licensed Residential Wireman is to install the electric without exceeding four stories in multi-family and single-family.
  • A licensed Journeyman Sign Electrician carries out electrical sign works under the supervision of a Master Sign Electrician or a Master Electrician.
  • A licensed Apprentice Sign Electrician carries out electrical sign works under the supervision of a Journeyman Sign Electrician or a Master Sign Electrician or a Master Electrician.
  • A licensed Apprentice carries out electrical works under the supervision of a Journeyman Electrician or a Master Electrician or a Residential Wireman.

Why do you need continuing electrical education in Texas?

If you are an electrician in Texas, you must complete the courses of continuing education from a TDLR approved institution to renew your license. If you do not complete the courses of continuing education, you will not be able to renew and maintain your license. Without a valid license, an electrician cannot perform any commercial or residential work. The courses will help you to be updated about the rules and regulations of Texas.


The site mentioned above provides you with different courses for continuing education as an electrician. You need to apply for the courses and need to pass the examination to maintain your license. You will get a job as an electrician if you have completed the necessary continuing education courses.

Rylie Holt