Which Types of Digital Marketing Will Dominate 2020

The year 2020 revolves around digital marketing and its many perks, which are really out in the open. Be it any business, it is getting hard to survive without the right type of digital marketing strategy. There are many digital marketing names, such as online marketing, internet marketing, digital advertising, etc. Honestly, it does not matter what you call it; what matters is its significance in today’s era.

One cannot go without practicing digital marketing, especially those businesses that want to grow at a fast pace. It is more like an essential ingredient to achieve the right texture and flavor. It is the fuel of your vehicle and the ladder to achieve exceptional marketing results. Being a business owner, do you think you will go without something as crucial as the things mentioned above? If your answer is ‘no,’ then welcome to the club.

The latest digital marketing trends are here to stay in 2020. They have gained so much popularity lately, with the introduction of better services in the future. Traditional marketing tactics were a hit too, but gone are the days when they were considered ‘essential.’ What is even more essential is getting a business website up and running without further delay. Also, do not forget the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The reason behind mentioning all of this is to keep up with the digital evolution. There is no scope for businesses stuck in the past, that use conventional marketing techniques. Companies need to alter their digital landscape and make dollars in return. In 2020, different types of digital marketing strategies are going to dominate the market. Now is the chance to adopt these latest strategies and become the ultimate digital marketing designer to make sure your company remains ahead of the marketing game and achieves a competitive edge.

Keep on reading to discover which types of digital marketing strategies will dominate 2020. In this way, you will be all set to embrace the best trends and utilize them wisely.

1. Video marketing is a big hit

If you think video marketing is still an ‘option’ to consider, then you are wrong. Try to get on board with video marketing before it gets too late. It is yet another dominant digital marketing field, which is all about visual content. It might make you wonder why video marketing is so crucial. Well, it is the need of today’s market, where no other type of content can compete with visual content. If you plan to increase your website’s visibility and encourage sales online, it is necessary to go for video marketing. Consider these statistics about video marketing from ImpactBND:

  • Almost 70% of customers have watched and shared a particular brand’s video.
  • 72% of businesses have strong faith that visual content has upgraded their status.
  • Over 52% of customers state that product videos have helped them make sound decisions while purchasing products online.

Indeed, video marketing is super engaging, especially when brands do live streaming on various social media platforms; it attracts many viewers. The more a brand utilizes video content to their advantage, the more they can expand their customer pool. When combined with blogging, this powerful marketing strategy will do unimaginable wonders, especially for small businesses.


2. Personalized email marketing to your rescue

Emails remain a prevalent medium to communicate with people around the world. People use them for personal, industrial, commercial, legal, academic, and scientific reasons. When we use emails so often, then imagine how quickly email marketing will dominate 2020. However, email marketing is an art, and it needs personalization to grab one’s attention and convert it into a possible lead.

Generic marketing is a big no in this domain, and unique triggers should be used to win over everyone’s heart. We also recommend you give your emails a personalized touch and create some follow-up emails, all the while remaining engaged in answering any queries or concerns. All of this will help promote your brand with the right context, motivating the customer to act.

3.  Omnichannel Marketing is now becoming mainstream 

A handful of people are aware of this term, and if you are not one of them, it is time to get familiar with it. Omnichannel marketing is when a business starts using several online platforms to market its products and services. This kind of digital marketing allows companies to communicate effectively with their customers, building a secure connection with them. When a cohesive message gets delivered to the target audience at the right time, the online business boosts up. And it increases the customer’s level of engagement, which is far better than using a single marketing channel. Not just that, but purchase frequency, customer retention, and feedback improve overtime as well.


4.  Next-GEN SEO is the real deal

The SEO world has changed a lot due to Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update. This update is advanced software to learn deeply about what the searcher wants to know. It relates to the natural processing of language and how one can make the most out of SEO.

Take your business as an example, which might have a poorly written website. Such a site will decrease traffic flow, and a quick fix will not solve the problem. Here is when the BERT will step in, helping you think from your audience’s perspective and work around the pitfalls. SEO marketing is not only about algorithms but about the web traffic you can achieve. This update will increase the value of your business in 2020, with more advanced Search Engine Optimization.


It is up to you to practice the types of digital marketing mentioned above or stay behind your competitors. 2020 is not going to wait for you, so do yourself a favor and get your business involved in digital marketing and achieve a competitive advantage. This way, you will also dominate the business sector besides these marketing tactics. So do not stand still and do some homework for your business. Ask yourself which of these types you will be trying first and dive right into it.

Rylie Holt