Why You Should Use Podcasts to Market Your Business

Podcasts are nothing new, but they’re surging in popularity. More of us understand the power of linking audibly with the audience. From 2015 to 2016, podcasts gained 23% in listenership. If you look at 2013 numbers, listenership increased by a stunning 75%. 

At least one in five Americans listens to at least one podcast per month, so if you aren’t investing in audio equipment for podcasts, you should. Here’s more information on why you should start broadcasting podcasts for your company. 

What Makes Podcasts Awesome

Here’s why podcasts are the bomb: 

     1. You reach an engaged audience. 

Most people aren’t going to sit still for your marketing pitch. They’re driving to work, exercising, working, or taking care of their home. But most of them have access to audio almost all the time with their smartphone or tablet. Talk about a marketing opportunity!

     2. Everyone can access podcasts

If you own a smartphone, you can download and listen to podcasts worldwide. 

     3. You can talk faster than you can write

We love articles and blogs, but writing takes TIME. Speaking is much faster. A 30-minute podcast takes 30 minutes to record (you should spend at least that much time on prep and editing, though). It could take you three days to write that much content. That said, keep writing your blog posts. Doing both audio and written content honors both audiences and makes you more accessible.

     4. Some people like to listen instead of reading. 

Surveys suggest about 30% of the population are auditory learners. They learn easier by listening, so capture their attention by doing podcasts. 

     5. Men and women like podcasts. 

They appeal to both genders equally. 

     6. It’s cost-effective. 

You need to spend money on quality audio equipment and editing software, but it’s cost-efficient in the long run. 

Ideas For Podcast Marketing

So podcasts are cool. But how can you use them to promote your company? We’re glad you asked: 

     1. Talk about hot industry trends and topics. 

Podcasts are fantastic to talk about news in your industry and hot topics. If there’s a big news story in your niche, your listeners probably want to hear about it. Share your insights in your podcast. 

     2. Make yourself a trusted expert. 

Hosting a regular podcast can establish you as an expert and authority in your industry. If you know a lot about a relevant topic to fill several 15-minute podcasts, you’re an expert. 

When you give away your knowledge for free, they’ll start to view you as an authority. It always works. 

If you wonder if you’re knowledgeable enough, remember this: An ‘expert’ doesn’t have to be someone who spent 30 years doing something. You can be viewed by many as an ‘expert’ if you know more on a topic than the average person. 

     3. Build trust. 

Blogs are wonderful, but there’s something more concrete about hearing a person’s voice. You can listen to the inflection and tone in a voice, so many will find that person more honest and real. 

     4. Use podcast directories.

Many people find new companies just by looking in a podcast directory for experts. Many brands have found that listing in podcast directories builds their audience. 

     5. Market to your existing audience. 

There are probably people out there who want to learn about your brand but don’t have time to read blog posts. Or, they aren’t readers. 

When you write a blog post, create a podcast on the same information. Read your new blog post and make it into your first podcast, for starters. 

Podcasts are fantastic for building your audience, building authority, and spreading the word about your company. If current trends hold up, podcasts will get even more popular in the future, so make sure you’re in the mix.

Rylie Holt