Work from home burnout: How not to lose your sanity and maintain your focus

As we are entering week four of lockdown, millions around the globe, lucky enough to be able to work from home, might have sorted out their own working flow and schedule by now. However, regardless of how positive, proactive, or well-organized you are, there will always be difficulties in working from home, especially if you are not used to it.

With so many organizations under constant pressure, you might find yourself carrying some of that burden and tension too. Work from home can be challenging, especially when there is no one around to remind you to take breaks, correct you or to make sure you are not crying at your desk.

Indeed, the current situation has put us under a lot of tension and uncertainty, and all of a sudden, the things we were used to are not as clear and predictable as they used to be.

So now, while reading this, isolated and perhaps clueless of whatever is going to happen next, we have gathered a few tips, so you will not lose your sanity and maintain your focus on what is truly important.

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How to tell if you have a WFH burnout?

The risk of burnout is considerable. The lines between non-work and work are thinner than usual, and many individuals working from home for the first time, struggle to sustain a steady limit between their personal and professional lives. For instance, in order to prove their loyalty, productivity and devotion, many employees may feel like they have to work extra hours. However, that’s not exactly the best way to improve your performance, as many studies have proved that drawing a line between personal and professional life is essential, particularly for your mental wellbeing.

How do we recognize burnout signs?

  • Your mind is “overload” 

If you struggle to put things in perspective and feel an increased sense of helplessness, most probably you are facing burnout. Those who often feel” overload” struggle to manage an abundance of hasty and never-ending thoughts. 

  • Visible mood swings 

One of the most obvious signs in burnout is mood swings. Thus, if you are experiencing calmness, happiness, “on top of the world “like feelings and later on the same day you are out of nowhere tired, lethargic and beaten down, you might be dealing with burnout. 

  • You feel drained

If as soon as you’ve closed your eyes and turned off the lights, work is the only thing you’re thinking about, that means you’re overworked. Not giving yourself enough sleeping hours and breaks can drain your body from essential nutrients. In consequence, you may experience physical outcomes like tiredness, dizziness, shortness of breath and even sweating. 

Make sure you know your rights

Even though your boss may be challenging to talk to type of person, if you feel like there is really something you should talk about, well, go for it. Learn to speak for yourself and don’t avoid confrontation. Without confrontation, you won’t sort out your problem, nor a solution for it.

If your company seems like it’s overlooking some essential regulations during the current turmoil amid COVID19, make sure you state that out.

For instance, the European Court of Justice made clear that employers must take steps to make sure their staff does not surpass the 48-hours maximum working hours and they take necessary rest breaks, no matter if they’re working from home or not.

Schedule downtime

Maintaining temporal boundaries is essential for both our work engagement and wellbeing. This can be particularly challenging when you have to integrate eldercare and childcare responsibilities into your little free time. Indeed, learning to turn off those worries often requires maximum concentration, but fortunately, various psychological and natural techniques can help you relax, regain your emotional wellbeing and concentrate.

CBD Products

Peace of mind is something that everyone wants to achieve in times like this. If you’re looking for natural ways to improve your focus and better your mood while working from home, make sure you take your CBD as prescribed. Online suppliers  have lots of variations of wholesale CBD flower and consumables that will work wonders for your mental health and concentration.

How does CBD work for my mood and concentration?

CBD is directly related to the brain’s dopamine which is a chemical neurotransmitter in charge with mood swings, mental awareness, memory, and focus. When ingesting CBD, your dopamine levels increase, enhancing your brain functions and your mood as well.


The latest events have made people appreciate the benefits of meditation. If this habit has already become an important element in your routine, that means you know what we are talking about. One of the biggest reasons why people rely on meditation is for its excellent benefits on stress. Usually, mental and physical stress is what affects your cortisol levels, impairing your concentration and wellbeing. Such effects often promote anxiety, depression, and poor sleep, increase blood pressure, and induce “dizziness”.

Numerous studies have shown that meditation is sure-way to improve stress-related symptoms. Thus, if you’re looking for a way to relieve that burnout tension and control anxiety, it is worth knowing that various styles of meditation, apps and blogs for meditation are available within reach.

Rely on your team 

If you’re working remotely and you’re feeling a “burnout” is working its way up to your mental wellbeing don’t hesitate to trust your colleagues and co-workers. Maintaining open communication and support in your team can help you make a more informed and better decision relating to your free time. Learn when to clock off, and when to set your precious clear hours.

Knowing how to manage your mind is crucial if you want to maintain boundaries between work and personal life and remain sane at the same time. However, if you keep experiencing a lack of concentration, anxiety and depression for a long period of time without any sort of change, we assure you that it won’t hurt to schedule an online talk with your psychotherapist.

Rylie Holt