Zero Sum Budgeting

If you’re trying to create your own budget, and you’ve researched different budgets, you’ve probably come across the zero-sum budget. How does this interesting concept help you save money? With this informative quiz, you can learn all about zero-sum budgeting.

When you begin the quiz, you’ll discover what type of minimum equipment you need to create your zero-sum budget. You’ll also learn about another aspect in your life besides money that zero-sum budgeting gives you control over. You’ll see what most people waste their money on without even realizing it and how zero-sum budgeting can help you find extra money.

As you go along, you’ll learn what type of income projection you use for your budget. The quiz also explains how to treat debt repayment, savings, and investments in a zero-sum budget. You’ll discover the unique goal for every penny in a zero-sum budget and the skills you need to use to create the budget. You’ll see the source of income you use to make a budget, and finally, you’ll understand how you can accurately forecast future savings with this budget.

This multiple-choice quiz is only 10 questions long. You’ll have 60 seconds to answer each question, and it won’t take you long to finish, especially if you don’t need the entire minute. As you take the quiz, see how many other American got the question right, and you can high-five the ones who did.

If you’re interested in learning more about zero-sum budgeting, take this helpful quiz and any of the other quizzes Health IQ has to offer, to get even more information.

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