5 Ways Tech is Changing the Cannabis Industry

Due to expanding legalization and acceptance of cannabis as a treatment for many ailments, the cannabis industry has been rapidly expanding over the last few years—it has even become the fastest-growing job market in America. But above and beyond these two social factors, the cannabis industry is exploding due to technological innovations that have made growing, supplying, and diversifying cannabis consumption.

Let’s dive into some of the ways tech is changing the cannabis industry and how these innovations can impact the future.



Growing cannabis has become more streamlined thanks to tech developments in recent years, and will likely to become more so in the next few years. Some of the latest innovations that are helping growers include:

  • LED Lighting Fixtures – With the latest programmable LED lighting fixtures available to growers, they have more control over the outcome because they can manipulate different aspects of the lighting, including what time of day it replicates. From quality to how much cannabis is grown, lighting plays an important role in refining the harvesting process.
  • Responsive Control Systems – The controls of a grow room are important to growing high-quality cannabis, and the newest iterations of these control systems are more advanced than ever. Harnessing the capabilities of sophisticated automation, these responsive control systems can adapt settings on their own based on the environment.

These tech developments also mean that cannabis products become more accessible—both financially and in quantity. With more cannabis being grown at faster rates, there are more products, varieties, and price points available.

Consumption Methods

In addition to how cannabis is grown, technology has also helped evolve consumption methods. Part of the reason that we are seeing more and more options for consuming marijuana (whether you prefer to use CBD or THC-based products, is because of the improvements of:

  • Extraction Techniques – Extraction is necessary to separate CBD or THC from other compounds within the marijuana plant so that it can then be added to other substances to create the many infused products we enjoy now. The importance of refining the extraction technique with new technology is that it can help improve quality and lower the price point since extraction is an expensive part of the process. CO2 extraction is the newest method that is revolutionizing this part of the process because it is much safer and more effective, thanks to its exceptional filtering capabilities.

  • Nanoencapsulation – Nanoencapsulation is an innovative approach to infusing cannabinoids into water-based substances like beer, tea, and even energy drinks. Up to this point, creating these beverages has been limiting because the oil and water would separate. However, recent nanoencapsulation developments are making it possible to infuse more beverages. This is because it prevents the oil and water from separating too quickly by encapsulating the cannabinoids.

From Mountjoy Sparkling Water to CBDfx vape juice, there are virtually endless options for those who want to consume CBD, and more are likely to hit the market sooner rather than later.

Compatibility Testing

It’s no secret that personalization is a priority to many consumers and that doesn’t stop at marijuana-based products. That’s to developments in genetic testing that allows consumers to find the best strain for their personal makeup. Companies like CannabisDNA can generate wellness reports that provide an analysis of an individual’s cannabis compatibility so they can find products that work best for their genetic makeup and specific needs.

While the science behind it is anything but, the process is simple and accessible on the consumer side. Customers simply send in a cheek swab, the scientists then analyze the DNA sample, and shortly after they are provided with their personalized report. This solves the problem of people having to experiment with doses of THC vs. CBD and having poor experiences with certain strains, which can put them off CBD or THC products for good. So, instead of trying to guess at the best CBD gummies to try for the first time and getting a completely different experience than they bargained for, users can find effective solutions for their needs straight away.


Rylie Holt