10 Amazing Blog Name Ideas That Are Sure to Inspire You

If I had to pick one single aspect of a new blog that can really make it or break it, I would choose its name. Indeed, cool blog names may mean much easier success by sticking to people's mind, while a bad choice might slow significantly its growth due to its lower Google search potential.

However, if you are reading this post, it is because you have already realised that coming up with a blog name is not really trivial. You may also have experimented some of the vague and meaningless blog name ideas suggested by automatic generators.

Indeed, it is not possible to automate, or to define specific rules that will ensure you will find the best name for your blog... in some cases, good blog names are the result of a long brainstorming and “forced” creativity; but, in quite a few cases, it is simply related to luck or to one of those “aha” moments you cannot really control.

So, instead of illustrating several processes about how to come up with a blog name (that may lead you to nowhere), I have preferred to bring you inspiration by listing and explaining 10 fantastic blog name ideas about currently trendy sectors:

1. Adventure – Losing Sight of The Shore

This blog name is already inspiring enough just by being based on the quote “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. At first sight, it also seems to be quite descriptive of a great website about adventures and life experiences; however, entering the website still unveils good surprises, as it documents the real story of four brave women who decided to row cross (!!) the Pacific Ocean, from California to Australia, for 6 months without any support.

2. Fashion - Fash n Chips

What could be a better name for a blog about fashion and the British culture? Even though its author is not a big fan of the British classic dish fish 'n' chips, she a big Anglophile; so she wanted her fashion blog name to sound as British as possible. Today, it is considered one of the biggest fashion blogs in the world.

3. Health - Heavy Girl to Healthy Girl

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Besides sticking to your mind due to the combination of the similar sounds but opposite meanings of “heavy” and “healthy”, this blog name is also quite descriptive of the content of the blog. Indeed, it tells the inspiring and tough journey of Patti, who was able to lose 113 pounds in 14 months by exercising and eating sensibly.

4. Gap Year - Text Me Later XO

So creative blog names are not easy to find! And in this case it was created by two young girls, Deepika and Kasia, and reflect exactly their mindset when they decided to embark to Sri Lanka to spend their gap year in a volunteering project.

The most interesting aspect however is that the blog name “Text Me Later” was already taken; but, they bypassed this issue with a lot of style, including the termination “XO” (which means “hugs and kisses”). Their blog is currently open with the phrase “Text me later XO. I'm gone for a while”.

5. Personal Finance - Get Rich Slowly

How could someone possibly differentiate his/her blog in such a competitive environment as personal finance? This blog name plays a crucial role in this differentiation, by positioning the blog against the crowd. Indeed, when most personal finance blogs present strategies and techniques to get rich as quickly as possible, Get Rich Slowly really captures attention and makes its content stand out

6. Humour – Nanny Goats in Panties

The natural process of a new website is to come up with a really cool name after having at least a very good idea of what to blog about

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However, this is the perfect example of a blog name idea that is so strong that the blog content has been defined by its name, rather than the other way around!

This blog was initially intended to be a humour column only; however, as described by its author, people began sending pictures of their own goats, some of them even wearing panties! As a consequence, today the website contains recipes for dishes with goat products, a weekly session about “goat things”, lots of pictures of goats and even an online store selling products branded by Nanny Goat in Panties!! So, its quite creative name converted a humour website into a profitable business blog idea.

7. Bargain Hunting – Centsational Girl

Instead of choosing the quite common “Sensational Girl”, Kate Riley decided to make a small tweak in the name of her blog and reinforce its positioning as a website about affordable home designs and smart home improvements, making it much easier to remember by including the clear reference to “Cents”.

8. Food Trucks - Forks on The Road

Joking with the expression “forks on the road”, which means a split in a road going two different directions, the Chef Noah Allen seems to have chosen a great name for the blog to promote his food truck.

It is interesting to note that the domain forksontheroad.com was already taken, however not by a big corporation or famous brand. So, the author decided to stick with “Forks on the Road” as the brand for his blog, even considering he had to choose a different domain.

9. Sustainability - Inhabitat

Even though you will not be able to find “inhabitat” in the dictionary, this blog name has a lot of meaning. Mixing the words “inhabitant” and “habitat”, it seems to be the perfect name for a website about architecture techniques and materials focused on building sustainable environments for living.

10. Diverse content - All The Good Blog Names Are Taken

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If, even with these ideas, you are still stuck about how to name your blog, remember you can still make some fun out of this challenge. That is what Sandi decided to do after struggling for ages to find a cool name for her website. At the end, the clear blog name she has got, and the number of people who may empathize with her challenge to find a proper name for her blog, might eventually compensate part of the lower Google search potential of her website.


Well, I hope these cool blog names have given you ideas on how to name your blog. Remember, don't be boring! The best blog names have a lot of personality and they stand out from the crowd.


Marcus Pequeno