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Planning a Company Retreat Your Employees Will Actually Enjoy

When most people hear the phrase, “company retreat,” they think of unnecessarily complicated obstacle courses, trust falls, and windowless spaces where they will inevitably be forced to sit through lengthy PowerPoint presentations. The reason why many professionals view corporate retreats this way is simply because many companies structure their retreats like so. Too often, corporate […]

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Ways Your Business Can Go Green

It is a common misconception that being sustainable means ineffective cost methods, for reusing even the simplest of items can give a business the environmental responsibility they need to uphold a positive reputation – regardless of size. A global survey previously identified that 53% of consumers would prefer to purchase products and services from a […]

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What Do Buyers Want in an e-Commerce Business?

While investors and larger companies have been buying and selling smaller businesses for a long time, e-commerce businesses and other web-based businesses are changing the face of more traditional models of business brokering. While this new digital edge doesn’t change the basic process or necessary components of a good business, it does introduce some new […]

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