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The Best Blender Under $100

When you are thirsty, the first thing you might do is to head to a convenience store and buy a carbonated drink. If you do this once in a while, it might be just fine. However, if done more often, then it could pose great threats to your health. Instead of drinking unhealthy beverages, you […]

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Best Blender for Juicing: A Practical Choice

If you are committed to getting into the juicing habit, then getting the best juicer blender available may be a wise move. However, if you just want to enjoy fresh fruit or vegetable juices occasionally and don’t really mind having your juice with some pulp a good quality blender may serve this purpose.  Juicing, strictly speaking, […]

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Best Juicers for Greens for 2016

Juicing greens has become such a huge hit for health buffs for its numerous benefits. While not everyone is clearly on board with incorporating greens in their diet through eating them raw, a lot of people consume more greens through juicing or adding them into their smoothies. Among the most popularly juiced greens are wheatgrass, kale, […]

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The Best Juicers on the Market for Your Health

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are packed with amazing nutritional powers. They contain high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and enzymes which can easily be absorbed into your bloodstream providing your body with a range of benefits and perks.  The secret to reaping the benefits of juicing is in the quality of fruits and vegetables to […]

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