Kicksta Review: Gain REAL Followers On Instagram

Those who run Instagram accounts are typically familiar with the myriad of growth services available for this particular social media platform. It can get confusing to try and keep them all straight, so we’ve put together a Kicksta review to help you better understand the workings of the popular growth tool.

If you run an Instagram account for a business, you understand how important it is to do all that you can to optimize your brand’s online success. Instagram growth services can be a big part of this pathway to success, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

Kicksta is great for a number of reasons, including positive elements that are included with the service and negative elements that aren’t involved. The bottom line is that Kicksta has the primary goal of helping clients naturally grow their Instagram following as much as possible. Our Kicksta review will explain exactly how they do this.

The Importance Of Having Real Followers On Instagram

Most brands would agree that it’s ideal to have as many followers on Instagram as possible, but there’s more to consider beyond the surface when it comes to large follow counts.

Real Followers vs. Fake Followers

One important detail to pay attention to is what kind of followers an account has. Having a high volume of Instagram followers can cause your Instagram account to carry your brand to success. Having bot followers, on the other hand, can actually cause harm to your account.

Bot followers are computerized fake followers that won’t do any favors for your Instagram account. These accounts aren’t run by real people, and they usually just exist to boost accounts’ numbers of followers.

On the other hand, having real followers refers to the ideal situation, in which all of your followers are real accounts run by real people which means real engagement.

The Perks Of Having Real Followers

When you have real followers on Instagram, these people are likely to interact with your page by liking your posts, leaving comments, viewing your stories, and watching your videos. This improves your engagement rates, which increases your account’s credibility.

Additionally, when real people follow your account and like what they see, they’re likely to promote your page and encourage others to follow you as well. This word-of-mouth advertising can be invaluable when it comes to social media marketing. You may even wind up doubling your following.

Where Do Bot Followers Come From?

As you search through the various Instagram growth services that are available, you’ll likely notice that most of these services offer followers in bulk. This is only possible because typically the influx of followers that’s available for purchase consists of bot followers.

As we mentioned above, bot followers are actually detrimental to your Instagram growth, despite the fact that they instantly increase the number of followers you have.

How Are They Harmful?

One negative effect that comes along with bot followers is that they might end up leaving spammy comments on your posts. As we explained above, bot followers won’t provide you with the interaction you need to be successful on Instagram. They’re not likely to like your posts, and any comments they might leave will make it apparent that they’re fake accounts.

When potential regal followers check out your page and see spammy comments from fake accounts, they’re likely to lose interest in your account, as this damages your account’s credibility.

Additionally, prospective followers are likely to notice the stark gap between your high number of followers and the low number of likes on your posts. This will also tip them off to the fact that many of your followers aren’t legit.

Instagram also tracks data on how many of your followers like your posts, and this information is compiled into account analytics. One important aspect of the analytics that can be tracked is an account’s engagement rate.

How To Find Real Followers On Instagram

After reading all of that, you’re probably starting to understand the importance of having real followers, specifically on Instagram. If you’re looking for a tool to help you boost the number of real followers you have on Instagram, Kicksta is the way to go.

Kicksta’s number one goal is to help you get real Instagram followers through organic growth methods. Through their automated process, Kicksta will help get you in touch with real people who are interested in your content.

Kicksta will help you reach brands and accounts that exist within your niche. In other words, your content will be seen by accounts similar to yours and by competitors. The basic interaction provided by Kicksta will contribute to the word-of-mouth advertising we talked about earlier, and this can serve as a springboard for major Instagram growth.

How It Works

The Process

To kick off this Kicksta review, let’s start with the process. When you sign up with the company, you’ll provide them with your account information as well as the names of accounts that are similar to yours or that compete with yours. Kicksta will then begin liking these accounts’ posts on your behalf. Over time, Kicksta will expand the accounts with which they help you interact.


As your account likes more and more posts, the owner of these other accounts in your niche will become interested in your account. They’re likely to visit your page to see who’s liking their content, and they will then see an account that is similar to yours.

If you have a strong feed on your page, chances are high that these fellow account owners will follow you. As they follow you and learn more about your brand through your content, these accounts may become willing to promote you on their pages or create a partnership.

Building relationships with other accounts in your niche is a vital aspect of social media networking. Once you make a name for yourself among some other brands, you can participate in collaborations, which will expand the viewers who see your content. Additionally, partnering with other established brands will help to increase your credibility in your niche.

All of this will add up in the process of growing your Instagram following. As you make connections and begin to expand your platform, you’ll see your number of followers begin to soar.


Kicksta offers two different growth plans at different price points: The Standard Plan and The Premium Plan. Bulk pricing is also available upon request for large-scale clients.

Standard Plan Elements

The Standard plan offers moderate growth speed and video onboarding, and it allows you to provide ten target accounts to help boost your growth.

Premium Plan Elements

Kicksta’s Premium plan offers maximum growth speed, video onboarding, 40 target accounts, VIP email support, live chat support, advanced targeting, and blacklist services.


Kicksta vs. Mr. Insta

Kicksta and Mr. Insta are both popular Instagram growth services, but they differ a lot when it comes down to details.


For example, Mr. Insta guarantees a set number of new followers that are added to your account in a schedule, while the growth delivered by Kicksta is natural, as explained above. Essentially, Mr. Insta offers followers in bulk, while Kicksta provides customers with organic growth and real followers.



Another difference between the services is that Kicksta shows a dashboard to users, displaying the analytics of each client’s account. This helps customers to track their growth while using Kicksta and analyze the effectiveness of the service.

Mr. Insta doesn’t provide these updates to users, so customers have to track the analytics through Instagram itself or through a third-party service.


Mr. Insta’s most basic package is free to users for the first 48 hours, and the rest of the plans increase in cost as the services included increase. While Kicksta doesn’t offer a free option, there’s a 14-day free money back guarantee so that clients can ensure that Kicksta is the service they wish to use. Additionally, Kicksta users are free to cancel their subscriptions at any time.

Customer Support

Mr. Insta’s customer support is quick, and customers typically receive answers to questions within 24 to 48 hours, maximum. With this growth service, there’s an app through which customers can submit questions.

Kicksta offers a live chat feature to VIP members, through which customer support is available 24/7.

Will I Get Banned?

You may have heard of some users’ getting banned or blocked from Instagram after using growth services. This, however, is another side effect of purchasing bot followers.

Why Accounts Get Banned

When Instagram notices that an account has purchased fake followers, like the ones we described above, this account will get flagged. This can eventually lead to the account being banned from Instagram.

Once this happens, the account owner will be required to create a whole new account and start again. So, this situation is best avoided entirely. One great way to avoid it? Use Kicksta!


Another Benefit To Using Kicksta

Since Kicksta focuses heavily on organic growth and does not employ the use of bots or fake followers, your account’s at no risk of being banned from Instagram just because you use Kicksta.

Of course, Kicksta can’t control any other actions an account takes, but Kicksta won’t be the reason that any accounts are banned from the site.

This is another huge benefit to focusing on real follower growth, rather than purchasing fake followers. The natural element of Kicksta’s services ensures that all Kicksta-based growth is in line with the Instagram guidelines and doesn’t violate any of the app’s rules.

So, if you choose Kicksta as your growth service of choice, you should be good to go!

Try It Out Yourself

So, there you have it — our Kicksta review! Overall, Kicksta is a widely popular and successful growth service, thanks to its organic and effective growth methods.

You’ll begin to see natural growth soon after you sign up with Kicksta, and your follower base will only grow from there as your followers generate new followers.

But don’t just take our word for it! Kicksta has an overall 4/5 rating, so it’s clear to see that those who use Kicksta are big fans… Don’t just take their word for it either, though. Try it out yourself.

Getting Started

There’s only one way to see for yourself the benefits of using Kicksta. Get signed up today, and see how the service works. And then come back and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback on our Kicksta review and on the services that Kicksta provides!




Rylie Holt